Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 30

Christmas for me was just there. Just like valentine’s day, I see it as a commercial holiday. After all, Jesus wasn’t actually born on 25th of December, so I don’t think I am committing any grievous sin by not attributing anything special to that day.

In our usual Christmas tradition, we all gathered together at home, and prepared a delicious, but not-so-special food. My sister also came over with her husband and 15 month old daughter. If you recall, I mentioned in the past that I am not very close to my sister. I really cannot point out the reason, but it is just what it is.

So she came in with her family at about 3.00 pm, when the dry celebration was already on. After saying hi, I rushed over to embrace my niece, whom I’m just totally in love with. Sorry Dimeji. She had this little red Christmas bowler hat, with some an image of Santa Claus on it. I took off her hat, so I could tease her by trying to put it on my big head, and I saw this very beautifully made woven extensions on her hair. They were very colourful, with some glittery strands attached to it, and very colourful beads.  But they were just too tight and heavy for a 15 month old child. I knew if I pointed it out to my sister, she would not even take me serious.

My mum later commented on how beautiful my niece’s hair looked, to which my sister replied that she was tired of maintaining the hair. She then added that she couldn’t wait for her daughter to be 2 years old, so she could relax the hair, and let them have their peace because her daughter cries too much when her hair is being made.  All these while, she was glancing at me intermittently, silently daring me to talk since she knew where I stood.

I remained quiet, and after a while she was like “Anna, won’t you say anything? I am about to expose my daughter to the creamy crack, and you won’t even stand up to defend her from evil me?”

It was obvious she was taunting me. I really didn’t know how to react, because in as much as I have my moments with myself when it comes to natural hair, I try to desist from getting into other people’s businesses, but this was my niece for God’s sake.

She kept on looking at me, and I finally replied. “What do you want me to say?”

“Prove to me why I shouldn’t relax her hair. Madam naturalista.”

“You can relax her hair if you want to. She’s your daughter, not mine.” I answered

“And she’s your niece, not mine.” She smiled.

I rolled my eyes. Everyone was obviously enjoying the banter.

“Well, if her hair is too difficult for you to manage, nothing stops you from cutting it.”

“Nothing stops me, except that her father will chase me out, and then kill you for suggesting it.”

I looked at my brother-in-law who was wearing a wide grin by now.

“C’mon Anna, you can do better than this. Just prove to me why I shouldn’t do it. Just one teeny weeny point.” She squinted her eyes.

I finally succumbed. “Well, cos it doesn’t teach children to love themselves, and is not healthy for children and the health of their hair.”

“So says the young girl that ended up with grey hair after going natural.”  She said, and the whole house burst into laughter, and I just felt like burying myself.

I looked at my brothers, and drilled them with a stare that told them to keep their mouths shut next time, or else…

“I’m just kidding o, Madam naturalista. I am not relaxing her hair.”

“As I said, you can do what you want. She’s your daughter, not mine.” I pretended not to care.

“Yeah right.” The grin remained plastered on her face.

At this point, I could swear she wove the whole story into this direction just to stylishly let me know that she knew about the whole grey hair incident.

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