Whipped Shea Butter Mix for Naturalistas Mixtresses

I softened it a bit in a warm water bath, as it got too hard in my cold house.
but there's no need for this extra step if you live in a warm climate
I know some of us will agree that one of the lifestyle changes they had to make after going natural was making some of their own products. Be it your own conditioner, deep conditioner, oil mixes and butter mixes. Some of the reasons why some of us have had to make this lifestyle change could be due to the unavailability of high quality products for our hair, high prices or questionable ingredients in many haircare products.

Whatever the reason is for becoming a home made scientist, below, I will share a basic recipe for whipped shea butter for newbies who are interested in making this lifestyle change.
To make this sealant, you would need an unrefined cream colored shea butter, extra virgin oil of choice and for a sweet smelling product and hair, you would need a scented essential oil of choice.

My whipped butter usually look like this:
1 cup shea butter
1 tbsp castor oil
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp olive oil
5-10 drops lavender oil

* You can adjust the quantity of the oil used and also use whatever ingredient you have on hand. But for the oils, I would recommend those above as they're easily accessible and affordable. They also have many hair and skin benefiting properties in them.

1. Cut the shea butter into small chunks
2, Combine the ingredients in a clean round bowl
3. Use a hand mixer to blend everything together until it's smooth and fluffy, use a rubber scrapper to scrape the side of the bowl so that you can incorporate every tiny bit of each ingredient in the mixture
4. Mixture should have a mousse like consistency
5. Transfer content into a clean tub and store at room temperature

Are you a mixtress? How do you make your shea butter mixes?

The Mane Captain


  1. Hiii just waaant to commend you and your work. Thanks am an ori (sheabutter) freak . I just mix it with coconut oil alone.

  2. I have mixed shea butter with honey, coconut oil, chamomile tea and olive oil. I stored this for deep-conditioning or conditioning (because of the honey)


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