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I'm having natural hair writer's block, and wasn't sure what to write about (Yeah yeah yeah AN, I know I haven't posted on any oils - next week, I promise). Anyways, by a stroke of luck, I logged on to Bella Naija's website this morning and saw the article - BN Bridal Beauty: Natural Hair Nigerian Brides & Bridesmaids! The idea for the article came from Ink, editor of Bella Naija Weddings. I was GENEROUSLY permitted to post pictures and an excerpt here and you can visit the link for the full article...

Bride Dele Alakija
Bride: Dele Alakija
BN Weddings: What inspired your natural hair do for your special day?
Dele: By the time my wedding came around (May 2011), I was rocking the TWA (Editor’s note: teeny weeny afro, or as Naijas say, low cut) and couldn’t bear the thought of relaxing my hair for my wedding, let alone again in life. It hadn’t been up to year since my 2nd “big chop” and I had already decided that the days of relaxers and a burning, itching scalp were far gone. And considering hubby is not a big fan of weaves, my options seemed pretty bleak. I probably had about 2 weeks left to figure out my hair for my wedding and was essentially freaking out until my dear friend and sis in MUA-dom, Tiwa Lawrence, pointed out some natural hair styles that renewed my hope (though I was a little unsure considering the lack of hair length). I was introduced to Aeleise Mitchell of HairLoveArt –, an AMAZING Chicago-based natural hair stylist (and STILL my go-to-gal anytime I return to Chicago). I told her about the vision and she DELIVERED!
I loved everything about it and while I was met with more than a few incredulous looks and/or exclamations from some older family members, on the day of the wedding they saw how the whole look came together. Was really happy to have taken that risk then and still having a ball exploring different natural styling options (and more random stylings can be seen on Instagram @delealakija -
Photography: Marc Climie and Enimien Etomi Inegbedion -

For her and the other brides' stories on why they chose to style their natural hair, visit Bella Naija.

Bride Mercy

Blogger Osayi had a twist out for her engagement shoot

Bride Jimisola

Coincidentally, TOMORROW's my first hair trial with Omozo of O'Naturals for my bridal look!!! I'm excited to say the least.

*All pictures are from the article on Bella Naija*


  1. All natural hair!!! *eyes poping out of sockets*, inspired much!

  2. This is lovely! I don't think i've ever seen a bride in real life with natural hair. Not even in braids. All have had weave-ons.


  3. I see you captured one of our brides, Jimisola, in this article too! We loved her hair on that day! Was so lovely.

  4. I see you featured one of our clients, Jimisola on your blog - awesome! Her hair was really beautiful on that day


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