How Natural Hair Transitioners Can Deal With Dryness

Hi ladies,

       In my short transitioning journey,there's one thing that has been somewhat challenging: Dryness. There's this constant need to spritz my hair at any time of the day especially during the dry season.So i've decided to share some tips that have helped me thus far;

1. Moisturize!
          This cannot be over-emphasized. Whatever it is you use;leave-in,hair spritz, make sure your hair is constantly moisturized daily and don't forget to seal it. The LOC method helps in keeping the hair moisturized for a longer time. Don't forget also that water is the ultimate moisturizer.

2. Deep Condition
          Make sure you give your hair a moisturizing deep condition treatment frequently.This helps too.

3. Use Humectants
         Like honey and glycerine. They help to draw in moisture from the atmosphere.

4. Use silk/satin bonnets/scarfs
          After a long day, make sure you spray your hair with your spritz and wrap it up with your satin scarf. This helps to retain moisture and avoid dryness at night.

5. Use Aloe Vera Gel
         This is an excellent moisturizer. It should be a staple so please incorporate it into your regimen.

How do you deal with dryness during transitioning?

Till next time

Stay Beautiful


  1. Great tip, I always sleep with a satin scarf.

  2. Good tips.
    As a long term transitioner of 1 year 8 months these tips work well.
    However depending on your hair's porosity, aloe vera gel as a sealant may not work for you. It might be ok @ the beginning when you have more relaxed hair than natural, but when you have more natural hair than relaxed it may not work especially for low porosity sistas

    1. As a sealant? Nahh I meant as a moisturizer.

    2. Hi Ebun,
      I meant to say as a moisturiser or sealant, because aloe vera is acidic on the ph scale and so closes and smooths the cuticles, which will only lead to dryness for low porosity sistas like me preventing moist ure from coming in by making the already compact cuticles closed shut. Hope your eyes are not drooping with all the science stuff lool

    3. LOOL. Thanks for bringing it to my notice.

    4. Last time I checked, Aloe Vera is actually a humectant, and in humid weather attracts moisture from the atmosphere into your hair, no matter the type of hair you have.

  3. Yes, I agree
    It used to work for me when I had more relaxed than natural, it worked.

    But now, my hair just gets drier when I use products with aloevera.
    Same with ACV.

    Am just dropping my two cents to let others know it may not work for them too

    1. The weather in which you use humectants also matters too. If you use all these humectants in dry weather, it will actually do the opposite, and instead of attracting moisture to your hair from the atmosphere, the atmosphere will actually suck the moisture out of it. Humectants obey the law of diffusion.

      What I am just saying is that it is a possibility that you had this experience because you used it in a dry weather.

    2. Yes thats exactly what humectants do.
      It was even awesome the first 3-6 months.
      However I live in lagos nigeria, that's loads of humidity:)
      Two, I have used it in different ways and still get the same results.

      It is in one of my store bought DCs, did nothing.
      In my spritz, hard hair
      As a styler, hard hair.

      However when I use products that contain glycerin or honey with no AVJ or AVG my hair is moisturised and stays that way.

      Am just saying this to let my natural and transitioning sistas know that it may not work for them depending on their type of hair because when we hear that AVJ will help, we will rush and buy and get disappointed when it does not work.


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