What you did not know about castor oil

Hi Naturalistas
I was doing a little research the other day and I stumbled on something I thought I'd share.
This is very different from my other posts as it is not really hair related per se, but it is extremely important for everyone on a hair journey.
If you are on a hair journey, you probably are already aware of the must have oil 'castor oil'.


Castor oil is great because it works magic for your hair. 
Read more about the benefits of castor oil for your hair here and  here
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Every one with natural hair knows the importance of full, dense, thick, hair that grows pretty rapidly than normal, and that is the magic that castor oil can perform, hence its wide use.
However, I would like us to understand that this oil is not edible.
Unlike some other oils (e.g. olive oil, coconut oil...) that can easily move from your *hair robe to your kitchen shelf, castor oil should not because it is poisonous.
If swallowed, it COULD cause abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea. It is a purgative (Ogunniyi, p1)

Please, ensure to keep it away from your kids and make sure your spouse knows as well.
Do not, please I repeat, do not take any chances with it.
It would be very wrong to play around with something so unhealthy but just as Ogunniyi mentioned in his conclusion, measures are being taken to utilize oils like these for purposes that do not require consumption so we can save the edible oils for human consumption (Ogunniyi, p7) 
Besides, you know how much your hair wants and loves castor oil, all that is required is a little bit of attention and you have nothing to worry about.


Ogunniyi, D. Castor oil: A vital industrial raw material. Bioresource technology 97(2006) p 1086 - 1091

Take caution while using your oil, but enjoy exploring its great benefits.
Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

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  1. Castor oil is sold in pharmacies for use as a laxative that is the only edible use for it that i know of a tablespoon or so is all that is needed. Great post!

  2. Its poisonous ke?
    I think you should change that to too much of it, or abuse of it is poisonous
    Cos i know its given to pregnant women to induce labour and people that are unable to go to the toilet.
    I buy mine from the pharmacy and everybody around me were shocked when they heard i was using it for my hair.

  3. Since it is prescribed by doctors and pharmacists to constipated people and pregnant women, inedible and poisonous are not the correct way to describe it. Anything inedible should not be ingested, but to use castor oil in your system, you have to ingest it.

  4. exactly, use of castor oil for hair is seen as unusual here in Nigeria...I have always known it as a laxative, it is a drug so it is a potential poison.

  5. Castor oil is not edible
    Facts according to evidence based research
    If you take something and your system reacts to it that it induces purging, what makes it edible there? The fact that it acts as a purgative, or the fact that it could cause nausea or abdominal pains? I know what I wrote and I'm sorry if I was not explanatory enough, but I just assumed it was really easy and self explanatory to grasp
    However, maybe we should start from the definition of poison http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poison

    1. I think what a lot of us are trying to say here is by saying Castor oil is inedible there can arise a situation where someone who needs a laxative is prescribed it and the person refuses to take it because they read somewhere that it is inedible #mytwocents

  6. Edible means fit to be eaten, suitable for use as food, safe to eat. Edible generally relates to food.
    Pharm lesson 101: - Every drug is a poison.
    Drugs are not classified as edibles please. Talk edible, think food. Drugs are classified based on routes via which they can be taken. Thus oral, topical, rectal, etc.
    Learn to differentiate.
    Btw, I advise u heed d caution of the blogger. Castor oil when has d potential to harm your child or any adult. Handle with care. Yes the oil is also extracted for medicinal purposes and is taken orally. It doesnt make it edible (safe for eating).


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