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I used to make the mistake of sleeping with my hair unprotected. Do you have those days when you are so tired and you could care less about hair rules? All that is on your mind is how to hit the bed and even trying to reach for a satin scarf could be a lot of work.

Letting your hair loose on the regular beddings contributes greatly to dryness and breakage. Try as much as you can to prevent it.

Here are some easy steps that can help you fix that:
1. Satin/silk scarfs: Leave your scarf very close to your bed.
If it is very much within reach, you can quickly manage to wrap it around your head just before you dash into bed.  

2. Satin/scarf bonnets: Cut out the time it takes to tie your scarf well by trying a nice silk/satin bonnet. Do you know that sometimes that is where the laziness comes from? Just finding the strength and time to tie it lol
Make sure you find one that says 'breathable band'. It simply means that the elastic band isn't too tight to start messing up your edges. And make sure it is not too lose to fall off at night either.

3. Head wraps: Just be sure to get a silk one or at least one layered underneath with silk. 

4. Satin/ silk pillow cases: Since I discovered the silk/satin pillow cases, it's been so worth it. But you'll still have to worry about your hair being all over the place, if you get what I mean. But for the assurance of protection against harmful beddings, you are sure this one will go no where all day, all night, unlike when you have to worry about your scarf, bonnet, wraps slipping off.

Not using the right kind of protection for your hair could retard hair growth.
Invest in the one that works for you.

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride

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  1. Great! Thanks. Been wondering about this. Loving the way my hair feels since I got your products ...I know my front hair will grow. I know it will. It must. Lol!


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