Quick Tip: Reusing empty product tubs

old hair product tubs which I always keep and reuse 
Last week, I shared a whipped shea butter recipe, but one thing I left out is where and how to store them. So if you're a mixtress like myself, I'm sure you're always in need of a fancy container to store your concoctions in, instead of using the same bowl you use to store your food.

So why waste money purchasing extra containers when you already have a few empty tubs which you already paid for when you bought your gel, deep conditioning mask, styling creams, butters and other hair products? Rather than tossing your empty containers in the garbage, you can instead wash them with warm soapy water and use them to store your latest "mane" product or you can use it to mix a deep treatment masque.
Using an old hair product container will also prevent family members and the people you live with from mistaking the product for something else as I'm sure you don't want your child eating your avocado hair mask, not like its inedible.

An old coconut oil tub which I now use for my concoctions

How do you store your concotions?

The Mane Captain

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  1. Oh Yes I'm a 'concoctionist' and 'mixtress' too. And I store them in empty product tubs at least when the concoction is still a trial, but when I'm serious about the concoction and sharing it with others I buy containers.


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