You are not the Boss of your hair!

   Hallo Ladies! Sometimes as naturals we get frustrated by the fact that our hair cannot behave like the luscious strands belonging to some of our cherished Natural hair idols. This video briefly discusses why your hair simply will not be bossed around! Happy Tuesday ladies!


  1. I was subject to this disappointment early in my hair journey, due to ignorance. I kept using this product they said would give me a great wash and go, and make curls out of my hair if I just applied it all over. But the hair just stayed on my head, and gave me a really shrunken afro, no single curl. I read the directions again, and thought I was at fault, so the next day, I tried, nothing. The next week, I tried, nothing. I even watched videos, my hair didn't do what happened in the videos. Before then, I knew nothing about hair types. After this experience, I concluded that many unmixed Africans have a different kind of hair, and some things won't just work for us. It was at that point I decided that I would start a blog, and it would be beneficial to Africans with all kinds of hair.

    1. Sis, believe me I so feel you!When I first went natural,I would buy products and believe in my dear heart that I would slather them on and wake up the next morning to Tracie Ross looking back at me in the mirror!My hubby would just look so disappointed and would keep glancing at the models hair on the packaging of the product and back to my mess of a mane! This went on for months lol! Finally I understood and I am just so much happier in my journey now enjoying the things that my hair can do and leaving the rest to the others who can achieve it, while I appreciate all our hair the same! Thank you for watching and commenting Sis!


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