Wash, Detangle and L.O.C Day!

Hallo Lovelies! Today I would like to share with you this video that highlights the L.O.C Method. This is a Method that involves the layering of products on natural hair in order to maximise moisture retention for quite a good number of days. The L stands for Liquid,the O stands for Oil and the C stands for Cream and this is the exact order in which they are applied on damp hair to pursue this method.
  Enjoy the video ladies!


  1. Wow, well done. It aint easy at all.
    I know many natural gurus out there call the LOC method the Leave-in, Oil, and Cream method. So many variations of the method, so I think we should just find what out hair likes best.

    1. True Sis,this worked well for me for sometime but am always tweaking and making adjustments along the way.Do what works best for you is my motto when it comes to hair care as no two heads are exactly the same!Thank you for watching Sis!


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