Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 19

I am getting used to random people touching my hair to know how it feels, but that doesn't mean I like it, or will ever get to like it! Upon discussing with other natural hair ladies, I have come to realise that this experience is not unique to me alone. Because of this I appreciate when people ask before touching my hair. It only reflects courtesy. And no don't tug at its ends, just touch, feel, and leave it alone.

We were having a retreat in my department in church. There is this rude annoying lady in my department who refers to my hair as Chicken feathers. She regularly tugs at my hair without permission. I decided not to tell her off because she is quite older than me, and I don't want to be seen as 'disrespecting authority'. Also, I felt there is no use, since I could just endure.

During the retreat, I was seated between this Missus and another lady. After we resumed from a ten minute tea break, the other lady started touching my hair without my permission. She then passed a side comment about how lucky I was that my hair is soft, and that's why I can wear my hair naturally. I wanted to say "Helloooo. What soft? Haven't you hear about Deep Conditioning?"

Before I could say Jack Robinson, the rude annoying missus touched my hair too, as usual. She kept touching and feeling. And after she took her fingers off my hair, if I give you a million bucks, you would never be able to guess what she did next.

She wiped the oily residue her fingers had picked from my hair, on my jacket! Yes, that is exactly what she did.

You are pissed on my behalf, right? That is exactly what I was. Pissed! But I just pretended not to notice. Arguing with ignorance is tough. Maybe next time, I would just do this.

Yeah right? Lol.

The things my eyes have in this natural hair journey ehn... Only God knows what other funny experience I will have.


  1. aww lol they keep doing that, its annoying. mine is after so many touching and feeling, the hair gets scattered :(

  2. Babe,
    Is there a way you can tell her 'politely' to stop touching your hair? I suggest you do this when you both are alone.

    If she's about touching it, can you just move away from her? Or use style to avoid her hands touching your hair?

    You can't keep tolerating it; you will need to voice out your mind one day or you inform HOD. Yes I said it; if she still continues, then inform your HOD.

    It's rude to touch someone's hair without their permission whether they are older than you or not!

  3. That's not even funny; i had a similar experience from a lady but not this bad and i had planned to lash out the next time she tried it but since it was church i decided to address it differently before they say one is possessed with a demon.

    I called her privately and told her in the most polite way, smiling all through, that i really don't like people touching my hair but i had been quiet because i thought it was a one off thing but it has become a sunday sunday thing and wouldn't want her to keep doing it. I told her it that its takes a while to style my hair or pat my fro in place and that when she does the touch my hair thing she loves to do, it just makes me feel she has scattered it.

    She apologized and said she was just fascinated at how i've kept it, its grown so long right under her nose...blah blah blah, and really wishes she could do same to hers.

    Anyways that was the end of that matter. I think you should address it because one day you might just lash out at her.


  4. LOOOOL @ the graphic.

    But really though, she should ask if she can touch your hair. Tell her politely, or be dramatic one day and shout "CHINEKE, YOU'VE SCATTERED MY HAIIIIIIR" loudly enough for her to be embarrassed. :p

  5. Na wa oh! She actually cleaned her hand on your jacket??? Did you beg her to touch it??? Mcewww! Imagine the nonsense! Older or not, she has to learn to respect herself. Just confront her in the most polite way you can, and smile while doing it...in fact make up a story about how touching hair is forbidden where you're from...lol,,,she seems to have issues *rme*


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