Switch up your box braids

Hi Naturalistas
I like to switch my look from brown to black hair, I just enjoy switching up my look.

After I did this brown and black locs, I was really thinking of what next to do to my hair. 

I don't like to carry my braids for long, especially since the front might start twisting around itself and breaking. You have to be very careful with this esp with your natural hair.
I stopped at my stylist's to see what we could work out. I was due for some brown hair since basically this one was black (the front counts more) *.*
She said the hair was still looking neat and didn't really see why I was in a hurry to take them down.
I told her about my fears and she suggested we should remake the front.
I said ok, but I needed to decide if that was what I really wanted to do.
I really wanted two things, a curly look and brown hair. I was thinking of something like this 

But then it hit me ...
The inspiration was vivid :)

I immediately took down the front parts, which was basically the black parts.
Now this was the style I had in mind that prompted me to do the brown and black hair. 

The brown was just at the back and while the black made up the entire front. 
Taking down the front meant I was left with just the brown parts.

I washed the hair (both the back and the front).
I decided to give myself another deep conditioning treat just 'cause it's better to treat the hair well before putting them in braids.
I air dried the hair overnight and did some big chunky braids for the front to help stretch it out before my appointment with my stylist. I scheduled an appointment with my stylist for the weekend.
I used a scarf and rocked it turban style for 3 days, just to give my edges and my entire head some breathing space. 

When I went to see my stylist, she braided the front parts with brown extension, so everything blended together.
Then she made big braids out of the braids and dipped them in hot water. (I know this would be lot easier with a step by step pictorial, I'm sorry I forgot to take pics) 

Unravelled the big braids and voila, it was a nice new look.

As in 'love' is an understatement
See why I love braids? 
Just a little inspiration for you :)

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride 

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  1. Noice! Sometimes I wish I was a braids person, but I'm sooooooo lazy and impatient. That's why I prefer wigs.


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