Length check for my natural hair

Hi Naturalistas
Who else is not in the habit of doing length checks?  Mine is clearly a case of "I just can"t be bothered"
Well, there are so many parts of my natural hair journey that I absolutely love, the hair growth is a very minute part. Sometimes I miss my TWA days so much that I could give up the growth for it.
Anyways, the growth has been happening, And I just noticed a few days ago that I could actually roll it all up in a bun. Well, since Nov 2011 (when I started this journey) it is bound to happen. 

This is the first time I did a real length check and look what we've got?
Woohoo! I'm very pleased.

   Side view

I will tell you about length checks soon
It should be a part of your hair journey.
Until then, remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride.

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  1. This is really cool. Nice to see some growth.

    When I just started my hair journey, I was using ruler to measure the length regularly, and eventually got frustrated cos it seemed there was no change. I stopped doing length check for a very and couldn't be bothered.

    In June, I was playing with my hair and decided to even see. I found out that the hair had grown really long, longer than bra clasp level. So I had just been stressing myself earlier for nothing.

    1. We would love to see some progress pics ;)

    2. Checking it regularly is just calling for unecessary stress. You are so right

      TMC is right, pics pretty please :)

  2. the health of my hair is theist crucial part, then it's style and then length. I won't say it's a minor part of my journey, neither is it a major part. It's important to check ones progress to ensure you don't fall back into old habits. But one shouldn't be obsessed with it or start crying when their progress isn't as rapid as others.

    Congrats on ur progress! It took me 3yrs to be able to put my hair into a ponytail in its Afro state!
    Still a huge deal for me because my hair was never long enough for a ponytail in the 7years I had relaxed hair.

    1. Thanks dear
      It's definitely health first for me too

  3. Natural hair is so deceptive because of the tightness of our coils, it can be a real motivation killer when we think our hair isn't growing. I think a length check every now and again is a great way of staying on track but The Mane Captain has a valid point of having hair health at the top of our list.
    Great post! Would be lovely to have you contribute to our lifestyle section of www.poizemagazine.com if you're interested. xx


    1. Hi Tinuke
      You're right, sometimes the length check can bring a lot of reassurance that you're right on track.
      I'll check out your site soon

  4. I can totally relate with the main captain's post. Do not stress yourself with length checks. Do it sparing else you will feel disappointed.

  5. If I had your hair length I would not care about length either. Everyone is different. As a newly natural I am concern about length because I don't know how long my hair can grow. my hair was never healthy because my mom did not know how to do hair and did not properly take care my hair or her hair. I really don't have anyone to really give me an idea how long my hair can grow. Don't get it wrong, I take absolute great care of my hair to make sure it is healthy. But length is very important to me as well. We all have goals as we should, that's what keeping me motivated. The statement about not worry about length and focus on health is easier said than done, especially for someone like me. I love long hair. Don't get me wrong, I am enjoying my short hair, and love styling it. I just prefer to have it longer because of different hairstyles I would love to do. Don't judge me because I love to look in the mirror wishing I can pull my hair and i see it stretching pass my chin. All of that is motivating me to continue to care for my hair and to continue to keep up with protective style. if you want to have long hair it start with the health of the hair. therefore, I am doing what need to do to get the result I hope to get. Think about it this way. When someone is tying to lose weight they often look at someone else and say I wish I could like that. Just because they go on a losing weight journey (diet and exercise) don't really mean they are trying to look exactly like the person but they are a motivation to where they would love to be. Let's be real, we all have something or someone that gives up inspiration and motivation. That is the reason I watch youtube videos and read blogs. Because they inspire me not because I want my hair texture to be just like theirs but because I would love to achieve a certain goal and to do so I need some form of inspiration and motivation.

    To summarize, there is nothing wrong with being obsess with length. I believe it just motivate to continue to take great care of the haiir and to know if a product is working or not. I am loving and enjoying my journey, but I also have a picture in my mind of where my goal should be. I check very often to make sure my hair is growing to see if what I am doing is working.


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