Natural Hair Two Strand Twist Tutorial


Have you discovered how beautiful and amazing two strand twists can be? I LOVE twists because they’re easy to install and remove, they’re a great protective style, and they’re easy!

1. The first thing you want to do is make sure that the hair is completely tangle-free! You can do this style on either wet or dry hair, it’s completely up to you! Either way, section the hair into manageable sections. I personally like to do this style in six sections, three on each side!

2. After you’ve sectioned and detangled, go ahead and begin the style! Part off a one inch square and begin twisting the pieces around each other. Make sure that you add your favourite leave-in conditioner into your hair and brush through to distribute! Once you’ve finished the twist, twirl the ends around your finger to keep your twist from unravelling. Keep the tension as even as possible and twist towards the floor for a more lengthened look. Try not to twist towards you.

3. Continue twisting until you’ve finished one whole section. Repeat in all six sections! Keep the pieces tight and even!

This style can last several weeks if you properly wrap your hair at night and remember to moisturise those ends, as they’re the oldest part of your hair.


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