Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 15

The funniest thing happened to me and my hair yesterday. You won't even begin to imagine. I was bored at work, so I begged two of my colleagues to allow me follow them to one of our client's site. The client had called our office to send reps to their server room because they were having a few technical issues.

After few minutes of trying to convince them that I'll be useful to them, they finally allowed me to go with them. The server room was extremely cold (just imagine a very harsh winter), and we were given winter jackets to wear. After doing everything we were to do, and were about to step out, my colleague that put me in a bad mood in this post, mistakenly brushed his hand against my head, and immediately said the weirdest thing to me.

"Anna, your hair is frozen."

"What do you mean by my hair is frozen?" He had always annoyed me when it comes to my hair issues, so I assumed he was just being his mischievous self.

"Serious, your hair is like a rock. It's frozen stiff." And he started laughing.

I saw the smile on the other guy's face and then suspected it wasn't a joke, since he wasn't as cut out for mischief as Thomas.

I touched my hair and it was FROZENNN! Oh my gosh, what? I couldn't believe it.

It was then I remembered I had put a lot of coconut oil on my hair that morning because I was doing a LOC treatment, and coconut oil was my choice oil. I recalled the horror stories I had read about coconut oil freezing people's hair in cold weather. I just never thought it could happen to me. After all, I'm in Nigeria most times.

To say I was embarrassed was an understatement, especially in front of a cynic like Thomas.

I just walked out of the server room with my frozen hair, wishing I could just slap the grin off the faces of my two colleagues standing behind.


  1. hahahahahahaahahahaahahaha.... Sorry i am laughing so much but i look forward to reading your column it just makes my day...LOL. I didn't see the frozen hair story coming. Naturalista's and our hair drama. Next time dearie LOL with them and don't let it get to you. *Hugs*


  2. lol, that's funny! frozen hair is no joke! i've experienced it before, except this time my hair was still damp

  3. Wow! It sounds funny but I learned something :-)

  4. hahahahahahahaha ...... too funny oh gosh! natural hair problems. So what happened to it after coming out of the server room?

  5. LOL hilarious , sorry dear :D , so no coconut oil in cold areas , noted LOL

  6. LOOOOOOL.....frozen hair....sorry....coconut oil sha!!


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