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When it comes to growing healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp. The scalp is where the hair follicles are found - the roots of your hair. If your scalp has issues, your hair journey will not be as hitch free as it could be.

I was inspired to write this post because I once visited a stylist who told me that washing my hair involved "washing the hair" in the real sense of it, scalp Not inclusive. She was trying to educate me on the need to just cowash my hair and then go for scalp treatments once in a while. I wanted to install some braids but I wanted to have a clean wash first. How I ended up being misled into not washing my scalp thoroughly before braiding the hair still eludes me. I had the worst experience. The hair started itching me from day 2 and when I took down the braids, I noticed some white flakes on my scalp.

That experience taught me exactly how important a healthy scalp is for growing healthy hair. The discomfort was so unbearable, I nearly cut my hair again :)

Here are a few tips to help you get by:

- Always ensure to clean your scalp well. To get rid of the dead cells and dirt, you need to wash it well and regularly. If you do not wash it, the products you used for the hair will build and manifest as dirts 

- Know what works best for you. Some people need very mild shampoos because of their very sensitive scalp. If you are one of those, make sure you do not irritate your scalp with harsh products.

- When it comes to people with natural hair, you have to pay special attention to dandruff. It can manifest in no time. People that treat their hair with chemicals may not have this issue because the chemicals constantly compete with these dry cells, with natural hair you have to constantly choose products that possess this ability. 

- Moisturizing and oiling your scalp will reduce the excess dryness and scarring

- Massage your scalp to allow rapid blood flow. This will help make the cells more healthy.

- Once in a while, give yourself a nice scalp treatment. Visit a good natural hair salon and let an expert give you a good treat. 

Remember to keep your heads high and rock your kinks with pride


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  1. It's actually the reverse if I'm not mistaken, when washing, you need to clean your scalp.
    Most guides recommend applying shampoo to the scalp and letting the water run it down your hair so it mildly cleanses the hair as it is rinsed away without overly stripping it.


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