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Hi Naturalistas
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After I saw the poll a few days ago, I started wondering if I could really rock my natural hair on my big day. I decided to look around for the possibilities. 

I think I'm very picky with things like these and I really would want to play it safe. I've always thought that nice, big, brilliant waves pinned up partially would be just perfect for such a day. Just to feed my curiosity, I decided to check for styles that could really work for me and wow, I was blown away. Let me just say that I still haven't decided on it yet, but if I decide to eventually, it is totally possible and I mean in a very glamorous way. Need I mention, I love glam :)

Berry already posted a few of them a while back, click here if you missed it
I found some very cool ones too so I thought I'd share

The one in the number one spot is more like my style and that is why it is number one :)
What do you think? 
Are you inspired enough to rock your kinks with pride on your big day?

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  1. I'm more likely to rock the big hair (pic 5). But I kinda like the sleek #2, and #4.

  2. #3 and #4 are my favorite...if my hair ever makes it that long, I would definitely rock my natural hair on my big day.

  3. I like 2 and 6 subtle and elegant.

  4. I guess everyone has their own preferences. I like 3 and 4, but I know I can't do 3, since I have full and uncontrollable side edges, so I'll just stick with 4.

  5. I like 3 and 4

  6. I like 1, good for the gele or headwrap one would be wearing.5 isn't bad, just that my hair isn't as long yet

  7. i could totally rock #4,#5,#6.



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