The Beginning of a natural hair journey

Hi Naturalistas

Today we will be talking about the first step to going natural.

As it applies to almost every new venture, we must establish our reasons for embarking on them. I usually tag this stage as 'identifying the need'.

It is very important to acknowledge why you have resolved to certain decisions, this will help when you find yourself having to deal with its hurdles.

It is very wrong to base your choices on what works for others at the detriment of what you really want. Establishing your need will help you outline your goals which will in turn motivate you to achieve them.

For those of us that have decided to go natural in the near future, do not rush it. Sit down and reassure yourself with this little step. To tell you the truth, your hair will feel your genuine enthusiasm, and it will go a long way in your hair journey. For people that are already on a hair journey, it is not too late to sit down and highlight your main aims for embarking on the journey. If you are well acquainted with them, you will realize that the journey will be somewhat easier. It won't feel like hard work, neither will you feel frustrated every time you need to wash, comb or deal with your hair or the people that will want to tell you their "honest opinion" about your hair.

I will be back with a "how to go natural" post next time. 

I will not just run away, I do understand that this is my first time here, thus it is highly expedient that I do a little introduction.
A lot of people know me as MsJB, so let's just keep things simple around here too
I will be functioning as one of the contributors here.

I'm a Nigerian with very tight koils (type 4). I'm currently 100% natural. I had my last relaxer in November 2011, and I've been managing my hair with natural products so far. I appreciate new experiences, which is one quality that made the decision to embark on this journey somewhat easy. Apart from that, I was looking at the short and long term goals.

To sum them all up, the major reason was because I wanted healthy hair. 

I am very inquisitive and this hair journey has been a great learning process for me. Looking for ways to manage and style my hair has opened my eyes to a lot of new knowledge that I will always appreciate. 

I love to share, which is what I do at my site (No Dull Moments With Janyl Benyl)

You can also find me on YouTube, where I document my healthy hair journey amongst other things. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

If you need to reach me via email, use

I hope we all find our little efforts rewarding.
Until then, keep your head high and rock your kinks with pride.



  1. please how did you achieve the hairstyle in your picture. i love it

    1. Watch out dear, l'll do a tutorial soon, maybe on my youtube channel


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