So you want Natural Hair?

1)   Accept the hair that grows out of your head.
A lot of people put off going natural time and time again because they are scared of what their hair texture will end up looking like. Many Nigerian women think their hair is too tough to wear naturally (ahem Lil Wayne) , but the truth is that regardless of your hair type as long as you put in the sufficient time and effort in washing, conditioning and moisturising then you will be very pleased with your results. I am living proof of this.
2)      Don’t succumb to ignorance
If you are one of those people that really cares what people think about you, or what society dictates then natural hair is not for you. Natural hair is viewed as unattractive by many but that is only because we are constantly comparing it to the majority which is straight euro centric hair. Remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful.
3)      Natural hair is for YOU
One of the most ignorant statements a lot of people put forward is that natural hair is not for you. LOL .That’s extremely backwards. Trust me it couldn’t be more for you, it’s attached to your head.
4)      Don’t try to fix your hair
Your hair does not need fixing, don’t go around buying every product you see or hear about. You’re just suffocating your hair. Excessive use of products will make your hair appear dull and lack lustre. Instead focus on a few natural based products to pamper your locks.
5)      And finally don’t expect acceptance from everyone, Do you darling!

Written by Hajara of Au Naturale


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