Do you think you have what it takes to go Natural?

Hello Curlys!

So you want to go natural, huh? Do you think you have what it takes?! Can you withstand harsh side comments, your hair textures?? are you patient? will you be content with the way and rate your hair grows? Will you be proud of your raw and untamed kinks?? Are you confident and bold enough to wear your hair in its nappy state?? You need to ask yourself all these questions before going natural. You may think its an easy journey, but let me burst your bubble, it is NOT! I remember when I wanted to go natural I asked a few friends what they thought about this, a few encouraged me (but were sceptical) and the others down out-rightly discouraged me, they were like "It won't suit you", "you'll look unkempt", "you know you have a big head, why will you want a fro?..", one even asked me if I was broke and couldn't afford Brazilian hair ...I was like are freaking kiddin me?! But anyway I was seriously put down and discouraged, but after I weighed the pros and cons of natural hair, I finally mustered up some courage and did the BIG CHOP! 

 I would like to highlight a 5ive tips that helped my get by in this post, hope some of you find it useful! 


In the morning while styling my hair, I look into the mirror and speak positive about myself and my hair. Comments like   "you are rocking this look gurrll", " this style brings out your eyes and the lovely shape of your face", " will turn heads today ehn" me start my day, I know this might sound silly, but it works for me, it makes me feel like no one can bring me down or make me feel bad about my hair. If you have friends who don't support you or understand why you are going natural, then I think this will work for you. You need to be able to carry your head head high and rock those kinks, don't let anyone put you down or make you feel bad. Always keep in mind that natural hair is for your own good and its a healthy way of life. 


Our hair textures vary, some people like me have coarse and stubborn hair, while others have soft and fine hair. People with stubborn hair find it very difficult to comb and de-tangle their hair, I for one is a victim. I comb my hair once a week when I wash and that's it till the next wash, I do this because my hair is very coarse and uneasy to comb when dry.  If you are going to be natural, you have to exude a lot of patience when combing/brushing your hair, I personally section my hair into four and comb little by little till I have detangled my whole hair. When combing/brushing your hair be very gentle and calm, as combing can be very frustrating and can make you yank a lot of healthy strands if you do it in a hast. So, ladies before you start brushing your kinks, take a deep breath in, breath out and detangle those knots carefully! 


Frustrated Much?
OMG!! Did you see how long her hair is??? its soo full and thick...I wish mine is half as nice as hers..blah blah! Woman! snap out of it!! be content with your God given hair, don't compare your kinks to any other. Be glad yours is the way it is and embrace it. I have come to an understanding that my hair is different from the next persons and I accept it. I am not saying it is bad to admire another people tresses, but don't be envious to the extent that you start comparing and condemning your hair. It is also very important not to compare hair growth rate, our genes are different, so making yourself feel bad because you and your friend, started the journey together and her hair is growing faster than yours, isn't good enough. You need to be thankful every time your hair grows an inch,and make the most of your it, live your life, embrace your unique hair and let it grow naturally! 
Be Content and Promote yourself!
Live you life and have fun!


I am not saying you should be a junkie o! Just have enough accessories that complement each outfit. For example if you are rocking a TWA, wear bold earrings, bold earrings emphasise the bold and beautiful features of your face, most especially your hair.   Hair accessories makes you look funky and fresh. Be playful with your hair and make it alive. You can read more about hair accessories by clicking MUST HAVE ACCESSORIES FOR NATURAL HAIR CURLIES 


If you want to get by and have people understand your decision to go natural, you need to understand and love yourself first. Do not second guess, or contemplate your decision. Be positive about the outcome and love your kinks. You have to be prepared for snide and derogatory comments. Best possible way to avoid getting hurt are by being confident, loving your kinks, being proud and strong! am pretty sure you will make it through your journey!

I hope this post has helped a person or two, please feel free to leave comments and ask questions, I am here for you!

So Curlys!Have a very Nappy Journey!!


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  1. Hi I'm new here and I want to go natural but the problem is I suffer alopeCIA in the front part of my hair. How do I manage that. I'm thinking it won't make the natural hair suit me.


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