Street Style - Natural Hair Files

Hello ladies (there have to be gents too, right?)

So, about a month ago, I decided to stalk ladies at church to show how versatile our natural hair can be. I get a lot of comments from people saying that they have issues with styling, and the truth is that the possibilities are endless. This particular Sunday, I just walked up to random females saying "Hi, I'm Berry. I promise I'm not a stalker but pretty please can I take a picture of your hair for African Naturalistas?" LOL, they all agreed - some were even dancing in excitement!

So here are some of the snaps I got - thanks to everyone who allowed me to take their pictures. Hugs all around!

Twist-out pushed back with a hair band

Simple 'fro

Flat twists

Pin/tuck updo

Pin/tuck updo (rear view)

Bun updo

Had to put up one of MY pictures. This is my Go-To style :)
Hope this helps trigger your creativity! But when in doubt - just look for Irene's posts and check out other Youtubers!

Have a pretty weekend!


Please drop a comment, we want to learn from you.

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