Must Have Hair Accessories for your Natural Hair

With this Natural Hair of ours, there is no way we can ignore the use of accessories, Its super important. Whether you are thinking of going Natural or you began the journey already, Here is a list of Must have accessories for your Natural Hair;
- Bobby Pins: If you don’t have any other thing this cannot be over rated. It helps you hold your hair in place when styling your hair. Plus I saw somewhere that how we've been placing it is wrong its supposed to  be the other way around
 -   Clips: This also does the same thing as the bobby pins only its a lot more fancy, helps put your hair and place while adding beauty, most appropriate for kids.

           - Flowers: I’m not the type to add a flower to my hair after styling but then, it just add this pop to it, which is lovely.

- Scarfs: For the “bad” hair days or deep conditioning days. Scarfs come in handy. Def a must have.

-  Turbans: Tired of scarfs? Let kick it up a notch, lets go big. Turbans to the rescue.

 - Bands: This is must have for styling. Helps give the desired style.

   - Ribbons: I wont do flowers but I can def do ribbons, also good for kids to make them look princess-y and all

-  Caps & Hats: When all else fails? *Winks*

What else is a must have hair accessory for you? And which one on my list has been your “life-saving” accessory? Mine? It’s the Hair bands J

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  1. please what is the name of those clips that have long mouths ? that's is the only way i can describe it sorry


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