To avoid being a Product Junkie continues


I'm back y'all
Well, i'm going to continue from my last post about not being a product junkie and more steps to guide you on achieving such a goal.
If you're looking for the hair that has tried all sorts and has also done a good job of breaking combs, then viola! Here I am
Yes, you found me #introduces self#
Okay, after going through this phase of being a product junkie, and believe me, this took years and so much  money, time and breakage was involved which I couldn't help. I kept on doing protective style with this yarn wool and got scared when the day of reckoning came and I had to loosen it, cos I would be like okay, what next, and then afterwards, I would wash and straighten and keep packing it

Gosh! the kind of damage i did to my hair out of ignorance

But what you really need to do now is get a good shampoo that doesn't have sulphate in it. Get a good conditioner, and be a good girl when it comes to Deep conditioning.
Using hair mayonnaise is a good and short way to do deep conditioning. I've also come to realize that Shea butter doesn't work for everybody. Can't say much about me either. So try making your own mix and rub it in. The trick is getting it to spend time on your hair so that it also gets to your pores. Whatever you're mixing, don't forget to add honey as this serves a great purpose in softening and conditioning your hair.
--Do not wash off immediately
That's the whole purpose of conditioning..., Serious engineering work is going on in your hair and scalp. After washing off, you can begin combing lightly.
Please, if you know the comb won't work for you, try using your fingers

--Dry with an old cotton shirt, as this still leaves a little amount of moisture, on your hair and if you feel like stretching it before coming up with any style, eliminate using heat and get strands of wool to help stretch the parted sections overnight

--Try not to make it tight

And then, cover up with a satin bonnet and go to bed.

Before using the threads to straighten your hair, rub in a good leave-in conditioner. Don't want to mention any particular conditioner so that you don't go looking for that particular one even when it gets scarce. Combine jojoba oil for moisture and shine. This way, you can help prevent your hair from drying up pretty quickly and retaining its softness depending on if you sleep off or the duration of time you leave that in, that should help out for whatever creative style you've come up with.

Till next week
Ciao once again


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  1. Thanks for sharing! My hair isn't natural, but I do learn a lot from what you post.
    Keep up the good work.


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