Can we tell them to Stop It? Please?

I know i look fine and my face is irresistible and all but can you stop it?
oh i forgot to even add; i know my twist outs are nicely done and my Afro is reaching the sky but then. can you stop it?

Yes, You.

Mr man in his car driving by, can you face the road now? Yes, You.
You in the brazillian weave can you go back to tapping your head aggressively? Yes, You.
You make me uncomfortable. haba, even if you wont stop, can you at least, not make it obvious? Must we act like "us" all the time? we that we always see something new and instantly bring our village behaviour into  be the lime light? Can't you be posh like me? Use your corner eye abi? Will i bite you?
don't count on it oh; next time i just might.

Don't you feel somehow? when they keep staring at you? or is it just me they keep staring at whenever I'm rocking my natural hair? I don't get it at all. You know what's even better than a natural hair? A styled natural hair. we are like unicorns on planet earth, the black albinos of the world *Hi5 ladies* That's the only explanation I have for all the stares.

or is there another reason? on one hand I feel extra proud and it makes me want to walk on the sky but on another hand, its so uncomfortable that everywhere you go, you get stared at. Argghhhh.

One thing I've just managed to do is give them the 'Biko, face ya front' Look, and its been working, but for how long? when would they embrace the natural hair idea without thinking that someone is a rebellious SU.

I have stated the problem and i also have a solution, just one thing would change everything, stop the stares, let the world understand our hair orientation, want to hear?

LETS EDUCATE OUR MOTHERS!!! Yes! Just them, no one else. how does this work?

First of all they will stop harassing you about how they think you look scruffy because of your hair, then they will tell their husbands, their co-workers, their friends, your siblings... and the list goes on, then? everyone understands and your world would be a better place, no more weird stares from total strangers, no more hassle to visit a salon... you get my drift?

Or what else do you think is going to stop this bad habit from people?


  1. My mother is learning to understand me and my hair, and now she pays me compliments. Before ehen, if I bothered to ask for her opinion she will tell me "sebi be se n wo niyen" (isn't that how you wear your hair) in that manner that lets me know that she doesn't approve. I didn't let it get to me, and she came around. The same way I don't care about the staring crowd. Let them stare abeg; my hair is fly!

  2. I like the stares! I think they admire the natural look.


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