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Hello ma'am
I''m so glad to have come in contact with your blog because now, I know I'm not the only one keeping natural hair even when 95% of my friends have gone perming due to the stubbornness or whatsoever

The thing is I've been keeping my natural hair for a while and I've been using wool to keep it natural (twisted wool..alitmakasa), if you know what I mean and I'm about to loosen it but I'm scared due to what I wanna do to it next and so I need your advice desperately
I need to know what shampoo to use, gel , conditioner or whatever i need to get to work things out and keep my hair free from wool for a while cos I'm starting to get tired
My hair needs fresh hair. I've tried dove, olive oil conditioner and dark and lovely's leave in shampoo and I'm currently thinking of getting a good shampoo
By the way where can i get the tea bags you mentioned? Lagos?

I'll be glad if you can answer my questions
God bless

Hi S,

Thanks for contacting us. Firstly, I will like to say that I am glad you found the blog useful. From your mail, I gather that you have had Natural Hair for quite a while but stiull face a whole lot of challenge in maintaining it. 

Styling is a major challenge for a lot of naturalistas, but the truth is that you would really need creativity to be stylish. When you do a twist out, you can fashion it out to look different, it depends on the way you style. I think you should research more on hair styling.

As for products to use, as a naturalista, you should know that being a product junkie is not the way forward. In fact, you should place less emphasis on products, and more emphasis of the technique.  But the most important thing is that your products should mostly consist of natural ingredients. If you read more of our posts, you will understand. If you use shampoo, try not to use the ones with sulphates, as they dry out natural hair. I personally do not use shampoo, I use a clarifying pudding or liquid castille soap, so I cannot tell you what shampoo to use. But the main thing is that your shampoo should be sulphate free, which is very rare. Any natural gel should work for you, and any good conditioner too. Remember it is not about the product, but the technique.

As for tea bags, any black tea bag should be fine, even lipton. 

In the mean time, I think you should click on the 'deep conditioning' under the categories gadget on the right hand side, and read about deep conditioning, if you don't do it yet. This would help you

I know I haven't been able to answer all your questions, as the whole natural hair thing cannot be treated in a single mail, but I hope you find this reply useful.

Best Regards


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  1. Though I don't live in Nigeria, I'll agree with you on the "technique" part. Many women use products which are deemed to be bad for the hair, yet their hair thrives. I'll suggest to look for Herbal Essence Hello Hydration, Tresemme Naturals and any moisturizing shampoo/conditioner. I'll recommend these simple steps
    1) Detangle hair, preferably dry with your fingers.
    2) Divide hair into twisted sections if you have med-long hair, if not, that's ok
    3) Wet hair with warm water, apply shampoo, massage the scalp to get rid of dirt, them squeeze the shampoo into your hair. Don't scrub it violently
    4)Apply conditioner of choice, leave it in for about 20-30min under a showercap to deep condition the hair
    5) Rinse conditioner with cold (not chilly) water
    6) gently squeeze hair to get rid of excess water. Then twist, plait or thread sections of the hair and allow it to air dry
    7) Apply leave in conditioner and seal with oil or butter of choice. sometimes I skip the leave-in and just use my shea butter mixture and still achieve the same result.

    **I usually do this every two weeks**
    One thing i'd like to mention is that you have to spend the extra time on your hair, just like you would on your skin. You can't neglect your hair and throw products at it like you would a weave or extensions.

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!


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