Things that have been said to me b'cos of my hair... and my reactions

Source: Sisters With Beauty

  1. You look like Asa
    Erm, because my hair’s natural and I wear glasses?

  2. So when are you going to do your hair?
    This is my hair. It’s done.
  3. Ah, I see you’re still in this “artistic” phase
    - *blank stare*
  4. Maybe that’s why you’re still single, cos guys don’t like natural hair
  5. OMG, your hair’s so lovely and soft! How do you manage it?
    Water and oil, baby!
  6. You need to buy Brazilian weaves! You don’t look put together! I’m sure nobody asked for your phone number this weekend
    - &^&^*%, 3 guys got my number!
  7. What attracted me to you was the crazy afro!
    Errrrr… thanks, I guess?
  8. Ah, virgin hair?!? Please somebody else should come and braid it.
    Come here, is something wrong with you?!
  9. So you’re NEVER going to relax your hair again?
    It’s my prerogative if and/or when I choose to.
  10. Does your boyfriend approve of your hair like this?
    It’s not his choice to approve or disapprove, but if you must know, he likes me regardless of what my hair looks like… well, minus if I shaved it bald.
  11. You’re brave to carry your hair like this o. Maybe I’ll go natural after I have children and I don’t care about my looks
    Excuse me?!?!?
  12. I really love your hair! I’ve copied one of your styles
    Why, thank you!
  13. So is it because of some [religious] belief that you decided to go natural?
  14. You look old school. Like a real African queen.
    Yes, bow to me, my subject!
  15. Don’t worry sister. I know how to handle virgin hair… *proceeds to dump half a jar of Eco-Styler gel on my poor head*
    - Yeeeeah, Imma just wash my hair when I get home.
  16. You’re kind of eccentric and weird
    Yes, but it’s got nothing to do with my hair.
  17. Did you go out like that?
    - *teeheehee* Yes mummy, I went out looking like Simbi… NOT! I wrapped a scarf to cover the plaits.
  18. So you go to work with your natural hair? What do your boss/coworkers say?
    - Yes I do. And see #1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 9, 14, 16.


  1. Lol the questions one has to endure. For one I hate this one does your husband/ boyfriend approve of your hair. Like seriously.

  2. I got Number 2 one Sunday after church service, and I was so confused because I just knew my hair was fly!!

    And when people say Number 5 to me, I always think: "What did you expect? That it will be hard as a brick?"

    1. Thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu! The day you KNOW that you look hella good, someone will just rain on your 'fro parade

  3. i get number 5 and number 9 especially a lot. seems everyone is waiting for this phase to pass. they go wait tire......


    1. I knowwwwwwwwww. Well, my phase has been going on for 6+ years :)

  4. I get #2, 5 and 9 a lot. I was once asked if I was broke and couldn't afford to "do" my hair any more

    1. Oh YES! Has anyone offered to "help" and just pay for your hair?

  5. I love, love all your replies.

  6. I've been offered $100 to fix my hair. I pointed out that with the cost of my shampoos, conditioners, stylers , tools and the fact that only 100% hair does it for me,$100 is way too small! the guy began to see my hair in a new light! His friend was like "guy, na expensive afro you dey see there o"!

    1. Looooooooooooool @ expensive afro

    2. lol @hadassah i love your expensive afro

  7. Lol. This is what I'll have to face when I get back home. Stopped relaxing my (short) hair last September, and nobody sends here. I shall brace myself appropriately. Hope I'm half as brave as you ;-)

    1. No worries. Just have a nice comeback to any comments you get. Or give them a nice blank stare :)

  8. #2 is very common! But excuse me what's up with #11? is that why so many older women wear messed up hair and don't take care of themselves after having kids?
    I use to receive negative comments from a lady from i think zimbabwe when i use to live in china. Now back in Canada and no one cares. I've had women at my church (RCCG) ask me for tips even ;)

    1. Honestly, #11 was really meant to be snide. The first part of her comment to me was:

      "I heard your hair was natural and long, but it's not even long..."

      To which I replied, "Oops, are you offended?" *rolls eyes*

  9. Likeeeeeee!!! So on point!, ive gotten these one time or another. *sigh*

  10. come shake my hand!!!
    i love this!!

  11. Absolutely on point! With. Every. Single. One! Since I BC'd in April this year, its been a constant stream of "Who is ever going to marry you?" and "People will say you're frustrated because you're getting older and still single and that's why you cut it" and other stewpid comments.

    I lost my father in December 2012, and a colleague actually asked if it was because of him I cut my hair. I got so teed off one day that when a lady asked me why I cut my hair, I asked her, "Why did you fix this weave, hmmm?" I then told her that carrying what grows out of my head around IS indeed, a style!


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