Is it true that my natural hair won't grow if I don't wear it out?


Hi AN,

I'm not confident with wearing my natural hair out. So I always get twist or braids, sometimes extensions. People tell me that my hair will not grow if I don't wear it out is this true or not? Is there anything I can put on my hair before I put the twist so that way it will?

I would appreciate your help thanks :)


Hi K,

Thanks for contacting us and making enquiries.

I would first like to dispel the myth that your hair would not grow if it is in extensions or you don't wear it out. It is simply false. Everyone's hair grows, natural or not, extensions or not.
However, I have noticed that when people wear their hair in extensions, they don't cater for the hair. They just oil the extensions and move on. Not caring for your hair while in extensions can reduce your hair retention, and as such, you might not see desired growth in your hair. So it is not as if your hair wouldn't grow, but it will break a lot and would remain the same length or even shorter.

I would also advise that as a natural hair carrier, you shouldn't be on extensions every single time, as this might have a negative effect on your edges.

So if you must wear extensions on natural hair, you must care for it just as if you are not on extensions. Deep condition before and during the period you have the extensions, and please, don't allow them to braid too tight, as it would lead to alopecia. Please, read this post of mine for a simple guideline to care for your natural hair while it is in extensions.  

I hope I have been able to help you a bit.

Best Regards


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  1. Nice advice. I will like to ask if I keep my hair out for like three months, no extensions no braids would my hair grow n be healthy?

  2. Hiya, it is not really about braiding vs no-braiding. It is more about how you care for your hair, whether you have braids on or not. But it is easier to care for your hair when you have no extensions on it


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