I want to go natural, but my edges are really bad

Hi AN,

I really want to main my natural God given hair but my frontal is really really bad and has been like that for years,i grew up with it and i guess it was as a result of constant thread plaiting,i had applied several treatment
product both locally made and foreign but no improvement. please is there help for me?


Hi V,

From what you have described, I have a strong feeling that your hair is suffering from alopecia, due to your front hair being pulled too tightly over a long period. But I cannot see the picture of your front hair to really determine.

If it is alopecia, then there is no treatment to treat alopecia. Over time, the hair would grow out itself, it might take like 1 to 2 years. But if you want that to happen, you would have to stop braiding, using extensions or any other thing that would be used as an attachment. If you do not do this, your hairline would keep receding, and the lost part won't regrow. If you are too concerned about people seeing your real hair, you can invest in wigs. The main thing is that you let your hair rest for a long time.

If you decide that you would let your hair rest, then always rub a mixture of castor oil and olive oil on your edges. Castor oil helps strengthen weak strands, especially around edges, so you don't lose the ones you already have.

Let me know if you have more questions.



  1. You are so right,my hair was pulled out in a fight&I use castor oil,olive oil,&it's really working,but...it's a very slow progress.But any time you are using shampoo&conditioner& any type of oil make sure you massage it in good&please leave conditioner in 45minutes til 1 hour it really makes a differences.Good luck&I wish you well&being natural is a patient progress&finding the right hair products!

    1. You will have to be patient o.

      Yea, massaging makes a whole lot of difference

  2. I went to a dermatologist received injections in my scalp it worked for me and my husband.


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