Summary of the Natural Hair Meet up

I am really sorry for putting up this post at such a late time. It was due to a degree of unforseen circumstances and a degree of laziness
So as usual, I will just post a summary of what was discussed. Pictures can be found on Natmane's blog and O'naturals' blog.

A. Aislynn Adewale also known as The Hair Whisperer started the seminar with the topic Help, my hair is thinning
She talked about Traction Alopecia. Here is just a summary
- Do not pull your hair too tight with pony tails, braids or corn rows
- Traction Alopecia can also be caused by an abnormality in the immune system
- The most common pattern of Alopecia Areata is one or more spots of hair loss on the scalp
- Stress, poor dieting and lack of sleep can cause alopecia
- In approximately 50% of patients suffering from alopecia, the hair will regrow within a year

I am sure we know she said so much more than this, but I was just so busy catching up with the facts and her description of the evil effects of Ghana weaving on our hair strands that I forgot to write from time to time

B. Next came the soft spoken Sherese Ijewere to talk about Fabulous hair from Inside out
Here is her summary
- What you eat affects how you look and feel
- Water is very beneficial for the hair
- The required amount of water to be consumed daily is 2-3 litres
- A good way to detox is by exercising
- Reduce the amount of packaged food you consume
- Raw fruits and vegetables are necessary
- A good way to detox is to take just natural juice for 3 straight days, every 2 hours.

C. Then came my favourite session of the day. It was anchored by the famous Image consultant Ifeoma Williams. I kept staring at her all day cos she is so beautiful. She ended up making fashion seem like some mad courses I took when I was studying engineering back in University days. I won’t even bother putting you guys through the experience, I’ll just summarize what I can. Her topic was Creating and sustaining the Total look
- Your skin is the ultimate accessory you have.
- It takes 30 seconds to make a lasting first impression.
- Impression is 55% body language, 38% tone and 7% spoken words
- Initially, it is always image over substance
- Fashion fades, style is eternal
- Components of an outfit are colour, cut, fit, fabric, finish
- Components of colour are depth, clarity and undertone
- Types of undertone are pink and golden
- Every colour has a right shade for me
- Style is the conveyance of aura of distinction
- Types of dressers are classic dressers, romantic dressers, dramatic dressers and sporty dressers
- When your body line is curved, your fabric shouldn’t be stiff
- Common wardrobe mistakes are
1. Having too many safe colours (black, brown, white, cream, etc)
2. Having clothes of smaller size to motivate one to lose weight
- Always go for timeless clothes, not trends
- Be careful about excessive detailing in areas you are trying to cover
- Be careful where you place your horizontal lines around your body
- Opt for vertical and not horizontal lines
- Ankle straps makes ones legs look shorter
- Try buying complete outfits and launder them together
- Tailor you clothes to suit your person
- The larger your body frames, the larger your size of heels should be
- Be mindful of your facial expressions, it speaks volumes.
- Heels will help you keep your stomach flat.
- If you must wear flats, let the hem of the trouser touch the top of the shoe
- If you are wearing boot cut, let it cover the whole of your shoe
- The shorter your legs, the shorter the shorts should be.

Okay people, I hope this has helped in a very little way and eased the regret of your absence at the meet up. I also hope we will be seeing you in three months time, hopefully.


  1. Thanks for sharing what you learnt at the natural event.

  2. Thanks for the tips, but i was expecting some pictures, lol.

  3. Great! I am sharing this on twitter.

  4. I have pictures on my blog too by the way.

    1. I just noticed that your blog has disappeared from my blog updates on my dashboard. This is so frustrating. No wonder I didn't know that you had put pics up. Over there now


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