Natural Hair Meet up (2)

Hi People, if you have not heard, the second edition of the Natural Hair meet up will be happening live this Saturday, March 10 2012. It is organized by Natural Nigerian, Screwy Hair and other people. The theme is Hair loss. Check out the flyer below and what Screwy Hair has to tell you about it. See you there


Naturals in the City 2
Saturday, March 10, 2012
1:30 – 5:30 p.m.
17, Maduike Street, off Raymond Njoku Street, off Awolowo Road, Ikoyi, Lagos
I’m so excited!
After the November meet-up, Natural Nigerian and I got a lot of questions about hair care, with most of them leading to one particularly frustrating topic: hair loss. This will therefore be the main theme of this March meet-up. Despite what we were taught as kids, our African hair is delicate; preventing the frustration of breaking hair is must-have knowledge for all black women who want fabulous hair.
- We’ll have such fantastic and well-respected professionals as nutrition consultant Sherese Ijewere, ”Hair Whisperer” Aislynn Adewale, esthetician Rita Aiyeniko, and image consultant Ifeoma Williams as speakers for the day, in addition to your blog girls Natural NigerianNatManeO’Naturals, and me, Screwy Haired Girl, either speaking or doing demos (see next highlight). Each presenter will attack the topic from a different angle and we hope that you’ll benefit from this. The day’s activities will be M.C.’d by the lovely and funny Chigo Otefe-Edebi.
- We’ll also have how-to styling demonstrations by some of the aforementioned marvelous naturalistas who know how to work their ‘fro.
- Organic hair & body products and healthy refreshments will be on sale.
- A giveaway pack is waiting for the lucky winner of the raffle draw.
- And all this will happen at a beautifully green venue.
Lots of hair talk, love, and fun will be yours that day, so circle the date on your calendar (or set a reminder on your phone calendar) and invite a friend to Naturals in the City 2! And yes, we’ve repented and will definitely start on time. No more African Time :-)
The meet-up flyer is attached. Feel free to forward it and this post to everyone you know :-)
If you need any other info on the event (or have ideas or suggestions for this or future meet-ups), do email me or Natural Nigerian ( or


  1. oko, i see yall doing it big. All the best.

    1. Yes o, we are. We need a supportive natural hair community in Nigeria

  2. Hope you will come and give tips so we can all learn too.

    1. I sure will. Remember I gave you guys a 2 part summary last time

  3. *sob* i was the ARISE Magazine Fashion Week and totally forgot that i wanted to be at the meet-up. *sad* wanted to see you all and tell you how much im looking forward to my natural hair. Ic done the BC and now i have braids on.


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