Natural Hair celebrtity of the week- Aderonke, the Smooth 98.1 FM crooner

Hello everyone, guess what? I am featuring another Nigerian celebrity this week. This is actually an interview. She is Aderonke Adebanjo, the velvet-voiced presenter of the famous ‘Breakfast in Bed’ on Smooth 98.1 FM from 7am to 10am Saturday morning. Also, if you tune in on Monday to Friday between 10am am and 1pm, you are sure to hear her voice. She was also a co-presenter on the intellectual reality show, The Debaters, last year. If you watched it, then you must have noticed her hair.

Remember in my last post, I said J’odie was the one that gave me the courage to rock the ‘fros. Well, after cutting my dreads and going natural, I started fixing weaves, just so that my hair could grow out because I didn’t think I could carry short natural hair. Then, just like that, I met Aderonke at an event one day and I kept looking at her hair. I just couldn’t keep my eyes of it so I told my friend out of excitement, ‘look at her hair, my hair can do that also, I don’t have to fix weaves anymore,’ I could hardly keep my excitement in. And so with that, I walked up to her and talked to her about her hair regime. With so many mutual friends and being in the same workforce, we have remained friends since then.

Enjoy the interview and her tips for us

When and why did you decide to go natural?
I made the decision to stop putting a relaxer in my hair in October 2004 and I did "The Big Chop" in June 2005
Honestly, I can't really remember the exact reason why I went natural. I just decided one day to go natural. I think the underlying reason was I was fed up with relaxers

Did you have any fear when you decided to go natural?
No fear at all! I had no idea what my natural hair would look like but I did it anyway!

What is your advice for people that want to go natural but have a fear of the unknown or what people will say?
 Regarding the fear of the unknown I would say "what's the worst that can happen" you will either love it or hate it but at least, you tried. Who cares what people say?? Do you girl! Rock what God gave ya.
Whatever you do just make sure you love it and are comfortable with it.

If you have the opportunity to pick only three accessories and three products for your hair, what will they be?
Three accessories:
1. A wide tooth comb
2. A head band
3. A flower

Three hair products:
1. Water
2. Shea butter (I've been trying it out. Still trying to decide if I like it)
3. Any of Miss Jessie's products cos they smell great!

 Please, give the naturalistas a few hair care tips....
1.Trim, trim, trim! This is one thing we ladies get wrong and take for granted but it is important to trim your hair at least every 3-6 months. Trimming helps to stop split ends, no amount of treatment can cure split ends. The ends of the hair have essentially split (In fact if you look closely at a strand of hair that is splitting, you can actually see the split). The only remedy is to trim it at the point where it has stopped splitting to prevent further splitting

2. If possible wash your hair every week
3. Moisturize your hair everyday or every other day

And hair styling tips too.
1. I love the wash and go!
2. Pick your hair with your fingers. You don't have to use a comb all the time
3. Twist your hair at night when dry and untwist in the morning for added curls and to stretch it out.
Don't be afraid to experiment with your hair! Just have fun and don't take it too seriously!

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  1. Hey @i,well done,dis is really helpful. And thnx Aderonke for sharing ur tips n time.

  2. She is such a cutie! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I remember her from the great debaters. Great tips!

  4. I don't know her but I love her hair. Really helpful tips. I love what shea butter does to my hair but I dislike the smell. I guess it's just me.

  5. @ Coy: That makes 2 of us regarding shea butter.

  6. @ Anonymous: Thanks, I am glad you found it helpful

    @ 9jaFOODie: Yes, she is.

    @ Myne: Really? So you were watching the program in USA? Nice!!!

  7. @ stelzz: Yes, it is

    @ Coy introvert: When I use shea butter, I use other thinks like coconut oil and it drowns out the smell. Besides, its not like we are to use loads of it. So the smell hasn't really been a problem for me

    @ Okeoghene: Thanks. Please, see comment referred to Coy


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