The varieties of twist hairstyles

Hi people, how was your week? So, I wanted to post something about natural products but I decided to move it to the next post because I wanted to do an update on a hairstyle that you might like.

I realised a long time ago that naturalistas can get about four hairstyles from the twist with braided roots? I twisted my hair, braiding the roots about two weeks ago. And it looked like this

I had a dinner last night, so I loosed the twist completely, wove the sides and got this look.

The curls would have been more defined if I had left it for only one week before loosing. When I loosed, the roots were already getting rough

You can get two other looks by loosing the twist, but not the braided roots or loosing the whole thing but not weaving it. You get entirely different looks for them, all in the same twisting style.

I am sure you can get more styles out of it, if you are creative enough. The trick is if you can twist, your visit to the salon will reduce greatly.

There are many more advantages of twisting, which is a form of protective styling. I will go into them in another post.

I hope you found this helpful. have a great week. And on't forget to recommend this blog to other natural hair carriers


  1. the style suits you well.

    now following. :)

  2. Styling has been a problem for me but I can see that you do it quite well. I really like the style it transitioned to.

  3. Although I twist my hair often, it really doesnt retain the curls when i loosen it; It has a mind of its own and just mostly straightens out. Still on the search for other styles though

  4. @ aloted: Aww, thanks

    @ Okeoghene: Thanks

    @ Natural Nigerian: Aww, you came by. Thanks. Styling is a problem for me too, but I am getting bored, so I am trying to be more creative

    @ PET Projects: Really???? That is quite strange. Do you think it might be a problem with the gel, custard or wax that you use?

  5. Your hair really looks lovely and I love the cornrows too. Did you have a big chop or you're doing the transition thing?


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