African Hair for Africans by J'odie (Soul musician)

Good day everyone, I am so excited to share this particular post with you guys and I am sure you will find out real soon. So, I have a special guest for you, the one and only J’odie. Yes, the same Nigerian musician whose single, kuchi, is still rocking the air waves. We were in the same fellowship in school then, when she used to sing and I used to dance. I used to look at her hair in admiration because they were so long and relaxed then, longer than mine which was also long but not long enough to compete with hers. Next time I saw her after school, her hair was different, she was all natural and it was so lovely. I was on dreadlocks then, I wanted to cut off my dreads but did not want to relax my hair. When I saw her hair, I said to myself, ‘this is it’, this is what I am looking for and so my natural hair journey started. In order words, she was the main person that inspired me to go fully natural. So read what she has to say...

When I was younger, still in college and trying to understand who I really was in this world, I thought to myself - in the midst of my ignorance "why do I have to perm my hair to look beautiful? Why do I have to fix a weave-on to be accepted? Is something wrong with my natural hair? Is something wrong with African hair in its real state?" I pondered for a while. But the only way I could really answer the questions was to have firsthand experience. Back in college, I decided to go kinky!!!

I think going kinky was the first conscious proactive decision I ever made in my life. It was not actually about looks, but identity. It was a search...I guess the only way my heart could communicate and reach out to me at that point in time was through the search for my "Africanness" through my hair.

So, I told everyone that mattered to me at the time: boyfriend, siblings, mummy - these people I can remember. They all thought it was a bad idea. I am surprised I didn't give up at that point, because I used to be easily discouraged from an idea in the face of the slightest opposition. So, you really have to believe it was a miracle that I did not change my mind at that point in time.

I don't know how long I built my inner confidence to actually take off my long permed hair (it used to rest on my back) and for a Nigerian, that is LONG!!! Snip snip and the hair was gone! I then had to find ways to feel comfortable with my new short hair that didn't feel or look so great at the time. It was a JOURNEY of perseverance and building of self confidence. It was more than just a fashion decision. Going kinky has taught me how to be more confident in whatever I possess: my dark skin, my petite structure, my short finger nails, my face without make-up (I used to feel ugly without it), my body in whole.

The focus now is not on changing my features, but on making my features be at their best. I now won't try to use a lightening cream, instead, one that will even my tone and give my skin its African shine. This is a personal discovery. Remember our paths are not the same, so you don't have to develop negative emotions if you prefer permed hair. Our life styles are different, remember?
I'll tell you about my journey and channel it to "life" as a whole in another post. It was refreshing sharing this with you

Joy Odiete, also known as J'odie, is a soulful musician, songwriter and jewelry artist, who has a passion towards sharing experiences through music, writing or speech, in order to encourage And inspire young people to truly live.


Enjoy her video below and don’t forget to admire the lovely hair


  1. Wow, this could be my best blog right now. I recently cut my hair, it just started growing back and ive been very confused as to what to do with the hair, jeez its so stubborn and i was planning to go natural, though combing it is so painful. I read through the blog, very helpful

  2. Her hair sure looks beautiful. I also like the part where she mentioned that this was a personal discovery for her,going kinky. So no one should feel compelled. I wanted to go natural several times but whenever I go to make my hair, the hairdresser will say "aunty you hair don due u no go relax am?" My resolve will weaken and I will relax it. I finally went natural as a solidarity with my daughter. It was tough at the beginning. But I have gone close to 2 years without relaxer.

  3. i love her hair...........wish i can keep mine but the natural hair is not for all of us now is it?

  4. Good to finally put a face on the name. Her hair colour is lovely too!

  5. i have always loved the way j'odie took care of her hair. and wow her earrings are divine.

  6. She looks beaurrifull!!!:-)

    So about locks, is it possible to have locks for sometime and then go back to your normal natural hair? Maybe you should do a post on locks too let's know all we can about styles available to us naturalistas

  7. @ Sugarcoated: Really? Yaayyy. The only reason why you are finding combing painful, even at this short stage, is because you are trying to comb your hair dry and not oiled.
    Read through the natural hair care for dummies post, that should help you get started

    @ Okeoghene: Yes, her hair is beautiful. I never let hairdressers' comments faze me o. Glad you called their bluff later

    @ Luciano: Yes, you can keep natural hair, if you want to. You ca read through 'The most popular natural hair myth' post

  8. @ PET Projects: Yes, so lovely

    @ Tamunoibifiri: I actually learnt the basic hair care from her. She's careful about the health of the hair

    @ stelzz: yes she is.
    About the locks, no it is not possible to go back to normal natural hair o. Some people will tell you that it is. Actually, the thing is that the only hair that can be recovered is the part that was never locked.
    Though I cannot verify this, I also heard that some jamaicans unlock, though it takes days and it it is very painful, they also lose a lot of hair (about three quarter of the whole thing). I honestly don't think it is worth it, just better to cut it off.
    But you can get dread-like looks, if you twist your natural hair and it stays for a week. I will do a post on this, since you requested it

  9. Aww I like her and her hair is so gorgeous. Esp the colour I'm just bothered if the colour doesn't induce breakage or something?

  10. @ MSJB: I, personally, like to stay off dye. But I know a lot of naturalistas that use dye and I don't think it was harmful to them. I guess one just have to find a very good one


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