Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Natural Hair in the work place: The big question

Hello Naturalistas,

Happy New Month!!!!!! I hope your year has been going great?

There is been a long debate about Natural hair in the work place for a couple of years and while Natural hair is becoming more acceptable in the corporate world. There are still employers that still frown at the idea of your Natural hair being on display largely because there is a notion of natural hair making you look unkempt.

I am fortunate to be in Technology industry where you are (for the most part) allowed to express yourself and the work place isn't all that uptight. Shout out to all the "back office" chicks. My employer doesn't have a problem with my natural hair and my colleagues are sometimes amazed at the versatility of my hair. I know some people cannot say the same and if they are even allowed to wear their hair to their work places, they are stuck with just one hair style.

I think we can stay on each sides of the divide, an employer that wants you to be at the work place looking sharp and tidy and you have a 4 weeks old twist with all the frizz and the naturalista that just wants to be able to be versatile with her hair and try new styles every week.

What do you think about Natural Hair and the work place? Why do you think there are restrictions with Natural hair? Do you think Employers need to be educated? What is your experience with your natural hair in your place of work?

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  1. i like your hair and how its obeying my hair doesn't obey me for all this styles that doesn't involve corn rows.
    i try to keep my natural hair neat for work especially with frizz lurking around.

  2. Blessings....
    I don't understand why one's natural hair is a source of debate. Why? It is your natural hair why should there be any kind of discussion on how you style it? As long as it is well groomed there should be no issue. If this is a source of pressure then it matter is simple, shave it off. They there will be no debate. Ah but human beings, being human beings, would then debate about the one's bald head, the size, the shape, the color, aye yah yah, *rolling eyes. My mother and sister shaves their head always - no debate. I have natural hair - no debate and I don't give ear to anyone who whats to enter into a dialogue about the whys of my natural hair. My hair my business. I simply don't get into the merits of hair politics because truth be told its rooted in racism, self-negation and self-alienation. Love me, love my hair any other thoughts, I don't care.

    woops that's my piece! bam!

  3. I think the restrictions were put in place because of ignorance. Most people never knew natural hair can be styled in many ways other than just an afro, puff or blow out. And people didnt know how to style it or work with shrinkage to make it look nice.Hence employers setting up guidelines. As with any type of hair:relaxed, Caucasian, Asian. .the basic rule is that it should be neat and presentable at the workplace. That goes across all boards. As long as that is in place I say let natural reign and let's all be hairmbassadors at our workplaces to show the versatility that natural holds.Luckily for me I have not had any negative experience regarding my hair at my workplace.

  4. I think we should learn to wear our hair neatly to the workplace, natural or not. I know I didn't strictly follow this 'rule' of mine when I was working sha, lol.

    1. hahahahahahaha.... This is a typical case of easier said than done. i can relate.

    2. I haven't had any issue wearing my natural hair to work...its either in a fro, mini or chunky twists.

  5. A well groomed head of hair will not attract any controversy.


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