Tuesday, 6 October 2015

AN Hairline Challenge: My Natural Hair is not reacting to Castor Oil

Hello Naturalistas, 

I trust your week is off to a great start. Do have a wonderful week ahead. 

How has the challenge been? I have had to start putting my Castor Oil in the morning because of the Oil Patches  on my pillow case (So much a girl can endure) and I notice that the process is becoming easier. My only challenge this week is that I am 'Monitoring' my hair so closely it feels like this Castor Oil 'thing' is not working. Which brings me to what I want to talk about today and also this;

We got this comment on the last post

I decided to give my robust response here *chuckles*.
I researched on castor oil and I saw alot of debate. There are people that are swearing by it and people that also claim it doesn't do it's 'magic' on their hair and here is my conclusion; We are different and so is our hair and we react differently and for Mosunmoluwa, I don't even think that's her issue and here are a few things I would suggest if you are in her shoes:

  •  Stop Obsessing and breathe; It's serious but it's not that serious. Biko breathe! 
  • Take care of your hair overall; Not just testing out this Oil or that Oil because at this point you need to take proper care of your hair. Shampoo, Deep condition on a regular and Moisturise and I think you will see better reaction on your hair when you are trying out these Oils. 
  • Give it time; Your hair is harsh today and it's not just one deep conditioning that will help with that but several over time. It will get better with time as you stick to your regimen. 

And if you are like me on this challenge and are already obsessing and worrying about weekly changes. Breathe and celebrate the small edge that is growing back, keep at it and let the progress however little encourage you.

So, We are celebrating Progress ;
Contestant #2 after 2 weeks
Contestant #2
What will you say to Mosunmoluwa?

P.S: If you are owing me update pictures, I am waiting o *side eye*


  1. I'd have asked Mosunmoluwa what her routine is. Hopefully she isn't just piling oils upon oils on her hair, she's also doing the other needfuls (washing, deep co, remoisturizing as needed etc)

  2. im still trying to take my pictures, lol .

  3. I think a lot of people use castor oil and other oil expecting magic to be done, while still carrying out unhealthy hair care practices like tight weaves, wigs and hair pieces with elastic, not covering hair with a satin scarf, etc. Everything we do to our edges must complement the work the oils are trying to do to it, else the effort will be futile.

    1. they should try coconut oil it seems to be working for me

  4. All true.Also patience is key,it took months or years to inflict all that damage,it sure as wont go away in a weeks.Besides hair grow slowly,so all in all,try to be patient and take care of your hair.It will get better.

  5. I think castor oil isn't doing much for my edges....

  6. People should know that nothing boosts hair growth than overall health.You can't abondon healthy food and practices and spend money on products expecting your hair to grow.

  7. I think consistency and patience is required. What I noticed over time was hair that was longer and maybe fuller, but I wasn't stressing at each stage. Truthfully I've been natural for 9 years and everyone expects me to have knee-length hair by now, but I wasn't taking care of it for a really long time. And even still, I know I can do better. But with time, you'll notice a difference if you put in the work.

  8. I would tell her to be patient and try one thing at a time. Sometimes we get caught up in using a new potion each week, without giving it ample time to see results. From her post it seems she tried everything plus the kitchen sink. And from experience iv learnt that you actually get more frustrated when you product hop than if you you would sit down and try one thing at as time. So she should simplify her regimen and use the castor oil only for a while and wait to see results.

  9. After applying all these wonderful products does she clarify her hair once in a while? Does she have hard water in her area? And like some have said she should b patient cos she'll definitely figure it out

  10. I'm super lazy when it comes to my hair. In fact one week I got frustrated that nothing is working, my hair was breaking with every touch, I was literally crying. But the moment I stopped fussing about it, my hair has been doing better. just don't fuss on it so much before, you'll hear tomato juice works wonders and you're cooking stew on your head.

  11. Keep it clean. Moisturised. Protected. Daz all :D


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