Monday, 2 February 2015

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 87

2015 is just starting, but sadly, I already have one hair mishap in my portfolio this year. As I stated few weeks ago, my job interview is coming up this week, so this past weekend, I decided to take down my braids, and give my hair some TLC treatment.

I picked up my scissors to cut some inches of my braided extensions so I could save more time, and not waste time loosing extensions I would throw down the bin. Well, as it turns out, I had underestimated the length of my hair, maybe due to my laziness in carrying our regular length checks.

So snip snip snip went the scissors. I kept having light feelings in my scalp, but I kept touching the extensions on my hair telling myself that there was no way I was cutting my hair because it was not as long as the extension left on my head.

I would cut, loose, cut, loose, and continued in that cycle. After a while, I couldn’t stop that nagging feeling arising from the very very very faint sensation in my scalp whenever I cut the extension. In fact, sometimes, there was no sensation at all.

After a while, I decided to pick one of the severed braided extensions and examine it. I didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. I then began to totally untwist it, and slowly, it unravelled some of my hair strands, which didn’t seem like a lot. I was in shock. I took more of them, and kept seeing hair strands. Alone, they were nothing, but I know when combined together, they would be a lot of hair.

I had just used my own hands to cut off healthy strands of hair off my head!

I hissed and was really angry. I knew I could not reverse the deed, so I just threw my scissors aside, and started loosing the rest all the way from the ends of the extensions. I immediately noticed the obvious difference in length, but I didn’t know when tears started falling down my cheeks.

Dean Cry
I had worked so hard, and dedicated a lot to grow this hair since my last mishap, only for me to lose it after braiding my hair, something I haven’t done in ages. Maybe I shouldn’t have even gone down the route of extensions.

By the time I was done, a third of my hair, on the left side of my head, was shorter, and quite noticeable.
I don’t care what it looks like, but I promised myself I would not even it out, by cutting the remaining part. Over a year of hard work won’t just go to waste like that.

If the hair likes, it should grow, and catch up with the rest. If it likes, it should not grow, but I am not cutting it.

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  1. Chai. Sorry okay it will grow back . success on your interview , don't let this bring you down.

  2. I feel your pain. I am more careful now after cutting my hair badly sometime ago. All the best in you interview. Cheer up. Therez hope for your hair.

    1. Its very easy to cut one's hair with extensions if one is not careful

  3. well that to me is an unplanned trim.
    Am sure you will figure something out.

    1. I guess there's nothing for her to figure out. Either cut it or live with it.

  4. Oh so sorry, please focus on your Interview for now.

    1. In short, there are more important things than hair, abi? Lol

  5. Sorry Anna dear, it can be painful. It's happned to me before. Again recently. Sigh.
    Ma binu, it'll grow

  6. lol...but sowieeeee! I can't imagine that happening to my hair that I have been 'suffering' for...ahhhh noooooo!!!!!!!!!!

  7. awww dear sorry, that can be very painful. dont worry just consider it as a minor setback okay, *take a bear hug*


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