Spicing up my Two Strand Twists Protective Hairstyle!

  A very Happy and Blessed Tuesday to you Ladies!In today's video,I would like to share with you how you can play around with Bows,Hair Ties and Bold earrings to spice up your Two Strand Twists.If you like me are on the path to try out Long Term Protective Styling,then you know when your Twists start to fuzz up,you need a little extra help to perk them up!
  Enjoy the video Ladies and a very Blessed Day to you all!


  1. how long should protective style stay on please? hiya Berry hun :)

    1. Hallo Sis and Thank you for your question!There really is not a time frame on how long to keep in a Protective Style as it really depends on your hair and its ability to maintain a Protective Style for a given period of time.If you are on a growth journey for instance,and your hair is able to stand it,keeping in a Long Term Protective Style for up to 4 to 6 weeks with proper maintanence may be beneficial to you.Or if you are comfortable with having a Protective Style for no more than two weeks,then so be it!You just have to find what agrees with your hair and what you are willing to abide by.Bless up Sis!


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