Monday, 24 February 2014

Diary of an Honest Naturalista: Week 38

Dimeji and I coincidentally had a free day last Friday, my CD day, so I decided to have him over. I just wanted us to stay home and be together. We watched movies, I made food, and were basically having fun.

I was wearing a knee-length pair of farmer shorts and a tank top, with of course my satin bonnet on. It was the one I newly-acquired after this incident. I was perspiring all over, and I’m sure my face was as oily as ever, thanks to heat PHCN dashed us.

Dimeji looked at me. “Anna love, oya come let’s talk.” He started, taking a serious tone he had not employed with me all day.

I raised my eyes at him, hoping there was nothing wrong. The sudden change in his tone was a serious cause for surprise. “Hope I am not in trouble?”

“No jo.” He pulled me a little forcefully, a little playfully to his side. “Anna dear. You know I love you.”
I recognized that patronizing tone that always comes before he said something really blunt and sometimes hurtful.

All I could say was “Just say what you want to say. Go straight to the point.”

He was still smiling when he said. “Now, let’s have a frank talk about this satin bonnet of yours.”

“Oh no. Not the bonnet again. What has my bonnet done to you this time? First it was my brothers, now you.”

“Nothing o.” He assured. “But when we get married, is this how you will be wearing this ugly thing around the house???!!!”

I just looked at him. Dimeji completely rendered me speechless with his statement.

To say I was shocked was an understatement. My countenance changed completely after that. Let’s just saw that was the end of the fun day for us.

At night, on my bed, I thought about the whole incident. This was the first time ever Dimeji will make a reference to us being together in future. God knows I love that man, and he loves me in return. That mere statement indicated that Dimeji has been thinking of the possibility of us ending up together. The anger that had emanated from me because of his statement about my satin bonnet being ugly began to abate.

What does the bible say about cutting off our hand if it will stop us from entering heaven again? There was no way a mere satin bonnet was going to jeopardise my chances of a proposal, and marrying the man of my dreams.

I took my hand mirror, and look at my hair which was now really growing. Also, there’s no way I am going to be sleeping with this head bare. Time for me to upgrade to a sexy satin scarf.

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  1. lool. iyawo. you could get a scarf instead.

  2. lol. dimeji wifey. you could get a scarf.

  3. Blessings.....
    As bonnets go, it can be replace with one more attractive, its not such a big deal. Think of it this way, if he were wearing a nasty shirt - out of style too tight and had him looking like a beggar would you remain silent? Or would you gently point out that while you love him beyond that stars that shirt has to go as it does not compliment the man you love.

    True as an independent well rounded, diverse and intelligent woman you can wear what you want, when you want and how you want it, on the other hand in life you learn to choose your battles. I say - give him the win with this one. Its a good excuse to go shopping for something more complimentary to your beauty.

    stay blessed
    have a splendid week/

  4. I can totally relate to this post. First before my hair journey it was d hair net that was ugly, now my "celestial cap" is now ugly,well what can I say. Satin scarves here I come...Speak

  5. Oh Dear. I had a good laugh reading this. "There was no way a mere satin bonnet was going to jeopardise my chances of a proposal"!. What God has joined together, let no satin bonnet put asunder.

  6. loooooool, upgrade to a sexy satin scarf?? ahahha, what took you soo long. lol
    nice post.

  7. congrats anna, you got yourself a MAN! btw is the bonnet really that ugly plus why do you wear it around the house during the day/ i thought it was mainly for sleeping at night. i believe our hair needs some fresh air...or what do you think?

    1. Lol. Abi oo. Tell her. But for someone like me, I tie my hair in scarf all day. In fact, my hair hardly sees daylight, since I work from home.

  8. I always wonder why most satin bonnets are ugly. Please upgrade sharply.

    1. Kai. See dissing. Maybe we should invest in a Sexy satin bonnets company.

  9. Finally, the ugly bonnet can die in peace. hahaha

    btw, I wish you hadn't told us the truth about "Anna" now I can't congratulate you on the "potential" wedding. #sigh

    1. Anna is pseudo. So in most cases, the stories are true. Please, still congratulate Anna, because this is not fiction.


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