Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Does your Deep Conditioning mix drip? There might be a solution.

Hi people, I have been battling with a deep conditioning issue for almost a year now and finally, I found out the problem.

My prepoo mix is normally a mixture of honey, mayonnaise, olive oil and shea butter. When I heard of the wonders of castor oil, I decided to add castor oil. Shortly after, my prepoo mix started dripping on my body anytime I use it on my head. I love having the mix on my head overnight and if not, I’ll have it on for at least five hours. That’s my preference and it has worked well for me. The annoying part was the dripping problem. It dripped all over my neck that I had to carry tissue paper all the time. And if I sleep with the mix on, I have to cover my bed with a thick towel that can absorb the oil, even though my hair was covered with a plastic cap. It was really irritating. I tried to remedy this problem.

I discontinued the castor oil – Nothing happened
I reduced the amount of honey used – Nothing happened
I reduced the amount of olive oil – No changes
So I gave up! I continued it, with the annoying drips.


Someone recently got me mayonnaise from poundland. I was happy because it translates to about N255.00, while the same size of Bama mayonnaise will cost me N500.00. Last weekend, my Bama finished and I used the new mayonnaise for the prepoo. While mixing, I began to notice a difference.
On application on my head with my hands, I noticed it had a different feel, it didn’t feel too oily or messy and I instantly knew what was up. I knew for a fact that this mix wasn’t gonna drip one bit. In fact, I added a little more honey. The result? I slept all night drip-free

I figured out the problem. The mayonnaise I was using wasn’t thick or quality enough. So immediately it is whisked, it begins to melt so fast and once it comes in contact with my hair, what was meant to thicken the mix was what actually made it run. The oil in it was just too much, from the beginning.

Having dripping deep conditioning problem? Then check the mayonnaise used in the mix. I hope this has been able to help you.


  1. I have never used mayonnaise for my conditioning mix, i will give it a try too and steer clear of Bama

    1. Give it a try. It just might work well for you

  2. Wow, great post!! I'm definitely going to give it a try!!

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  5. I ha the same problem too when I started deep conditioning with the same products u mentioned, when I used the organic mayo and honey..I slept like a baby that night...and it made my hair unbelievably soft. I hope this post helps other people...you are doing a grand job...keep it up! Please visit

  6. where do i get good mayo frm. i used tohav dripping al d time, was so disgusting, but during my last deep conditioning, my mayo practically finished so i added more shea butter and no dripping. neva occured to me to leave it for 5hrs, wil definitely try it out overnight.

    1. You don't have to DC for 5 hours or overnight. It was just my style at that period of my hair journey. Now I DC for only 2 hours.

  7. what kind of mayo can i use tha wouldn't dripp


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