Antonyms of a Mirage

Yeah, yeah, I know this is a hair blog, but I really had to do this, since other blogs are helping me do it. You can forgive me, since it is my first Non-Hair post.

This week is the blog awareness week for Antonyms of a Mirage, a book written by yours truly. Just look at the book cover below and see the Natural Hair thing going on, lol. Even in our personal project, we rep Natural Hair. Hi five

You can also watch the book trailer below. Since this is a hair blog, I won’t go into excessive details about it. To find out more about it, click this link.

The Trailer

I am out, Gracias


  1. *Screaming* Well done! This is excellent and I cannot wait to read it. I am putting up a post on our blog now. Proud of you.

    1. Lool, thanks. From what I gather, I have the feeling that you are even more excited than I am. Lol

  2. Very impressive! Thumbs up!

  3. 3 gbosa for you Sis! Abeg let me know when the book is out o...power to you and thanks for representing!


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