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Hair Related Questions

1. My hair is relaxed. Can it revert to being natural.

No. Relaxed hair is hair whose bonds have been permanently altered, using chemicals. To go back to being natural you would either have to transition or do the Big Chop.

2. Which method is better between Transitioning and the Big Chop? What are the differences?

No method is better than the other. They both have pros and cons. The method you choose to go natural will depend on you. Please, read this post for more details.

3. I have decided to transition to natural hair. How do I manage two textures of hair. 

We understand the challenges that come with transitioning to natural hair, because you would have to deal with two textures of hair on your head. Please read the posts on this page, to help you ease your transitioning journey.

4. My natural hair is stubborn. How do I manage it or make it softer?

Regular moisturising and deep conditioning will do the trick. Please, read this post for more details.

5. The edges of my hairline are bad. I have little or no hair there.

This is a common problem with women, especially in these parts. This is most commonly caused by abuse of extensions and harsh chemicals like dyes and relaxers. For tips to help combat this problem, click here and here

6. My hair is always breaking. What is the cause and what can I do to minimise this?.

Most times, breakage is a symptom of something we are not doing right in the handling of our hair, and it is important we know the exact cause so we can stop it. Please read the posts on this page, to help you diagnose the cause of breakage, and what to do about it.

7. I have issues with dandruff and itchy scalp. What can I do about it?

Most times, this issue has to do with unhealthy scalp or pH imbalanced scalp.  Please read these posts for suggestions on how to deal with this problem. Post 1, Post 2, and Post 3.

8. My hair is always dry. I have issues retaining moisture in my hair.

This is a very simple problem to solve, but requires consistence. Please, read these posts to help deal with this problem. Post 1, Post 2.

9. My natural hair is growing, but I have issues styling it.

There are many natural hair styling videos on youtube, so many that you will be spoilt for choice. You can click here to watch the many hair styling tutorial videos of our style expert, and style away.

10. Rounding it up...

Check out this shout out specially made to you, which at the same time, links so many articles that could solve your hair issues.

African Naturalistas Hair Product Related Questions

11. Are African Naturalistas Hair Products suitable for natural hair only?

No. Our products are suitable for all types of hair, both for natural hair and people with relaxed hair, who want to minimise the amount of chemicals used on their hair.

12. How do I know if your products are safe for natural hair?

You are free to check on your products of choice here. All the product ingredients are listed when you click on each product. Our products are free of harsh ingredients, as you would confirm.

13. Are your products safe for children to use?

Yes, all our products are safe for both adults and children.

14. Are your oils pure and natural?

Yes, all our oils and glycerine are pure and unadulterated. African Naturalistas does not compromise on quality.

15. How do I get my products after placing an order.

For now, we run a delivery-based business, and will deliver to directly to you after you place your order.

16. Do you deliver your products outside Lagos?

Yes, we deliver to your doorstep, anywhere in Nigeria.

17. Do you deliver outside Nigeria?

Yes, we deliver our products to anywhere in the world!!!

18. How soon do I get my order after delivering?

All things being equal, our Lagos customers should get their products the next working day after placing their orders. For orders outside Lagos, we also ship the next working day, and the customers normally receive their orders within two to three working days.

19. Do you offer Gift Pack services?

Yes we do. We offer Gift Pack and souvenirs as healthy and useful gift options at parties, weddings, burials, etc. This has many flexible options that would be communicated to interested clients. The price will be dependent on the quantity of products manufactured for the occasion.

If you have any other questions that have not been treated on this page, please send an email to Thank you.


  1. Any advice for transitioners?

  2. How can I use your powders in my skin regimen. (I use your products on both hair and skin)


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