Top 10 Reasons Why Your Hair Might Not Be Growing

10 Reasons your hair might not be growing

Every naturalista has been at a place where it seems your hair is simply not moving past a particular point. If you are doing everything right and can't seem to understand why your hair is not responding, I've put together these top 10 reasons your hair might not be growing. This would help you understand and address issues in your hair care practice.

But how have you even ascertained if your hair has not been growing? Did you measure it with a ruler, did you examine the shed hair, did you observe breakage or did you get a professional Trichologist examination? Let me know in the comments below so we can discuss this.

That being said, healthy hair is meant to grow to at least half an inch every month and 6 inches of newly grown hair every year. This means with all the right practices, you are indeed supposed to have an increase in length. Now lets us explore the reasons why your hair might not be growing. 

  1. You are using another person's regimen
As much as our hair looks the same, each has a unique hair structure, pattern, and genes. Not to confuse you with all the 4c, 4b, and 3c systems, your hair just like your fingerprint is unique. We advise to never use the regimen of another naturalist and this is because what works for them would definitely not work for you in its entirety. 

Make sure you develop your own hair care regimen and trust me, you would see the difference. If you don't know where or how to do this, just click this link.

       2. You are using the wrong products 

Sometimes, it is hard to convince a naturalist not to splurge on hair products. However, we advise only a few products of necessity would absolutely do the job. The reason is that you need to use fewer products to know what works for your hair. Also, all your products do not have to be from the same brand, but if you find out that they all work for your hair, then you can go ahead.

        3. You need to get a trim

The trim does not directly make your hair grow, but it prevents the issues that cause your hair to break. We recommend a trim every 4-6 months to get rid of strand knots, split ends, and weak ends. This makes detangling easier and causes less breakage making you retain more length.

        4. Your protective styles are wrong

Protective styles are meant to protect, so then why is your hair not growing. You might actually be doing more harm than good to your hair with some hairstyles. A protective hairstyle is supposed to give you a chance to moisturize as well as treat it with minimal manipulation. 

A protective hairstyle should also not be putting strain on your scalp. If it is, then it is not a protective hairstyle even if it is a simple cornrow. As long as there is a strain on your scalp, it offers no protection because as soon as you take it down, a lot of your hair would be coming down with it.

        5. You manipulate your hair frequently

Another reason for stagnant growth might be changing hairstyles frequently. This means your strand would always be strained by brushes, combs, and the hands. It is good to give your hair a break and you can do this by putting it in a protective hairstyle and letting it be. Might be boring, but it's worth the length.

        6. Your Moisture imbalance is high

Water should be your best friend, not oils. While oils are part of the moisturization process, you should not use oils solely for moisturizing. Water, conditioner, and oils, or the other way around depending on your hair porosity. But the water must always come first. 

Lack of moisture makes the hair prone to breakage, and thus, you would think your hair is not growing.

       7. You are not being consistent

So yes, you might be doing everything right but once in two months will not cut it. As with many things, consistency is key, and in the natural hair community, it is no different. You have to be consistent with your entire routine management. Washday, treatments, moisturizing techniques, detangling, and every other thing in-between must be done consistently to see the length of results you desire.

       8. You have a scalp condition

This is undoubtedly one of the highest causes of hair loss or stagnant growth. If you are suffering from scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis, ringworm, seborrheic dermatitis, or lice, then these would definitely be the leading causes of your stunted hair growth.

Until these issues are addressed, your hair might not begin to see exponential growth. A trichologist can help you access and solve these scalp issues you may have. Get in touch with a certified Trichologist here.

       9.  Your diet is unstable

Dieting can definitely not be left out of hair growth. There are certain foods that promote hair growth. Therefore, in addition to using products, you also have to take in a lot of water and consume fruits and vegetables as well as other healthy food to work your growth from the inside out for maximum results.

        10. You are not protecting your hair

Aside from protective hairstyles, there are other ways you should also provide protection to your hair. You must constantly wear a silk or satin bonnet to sleep or use a satin or silk pillowcase. A lot of naturalistas don't do this but as much as you protect your skin from the sun, you should also protect your hair if it is exposed to the sun a lot as well. There are sunscreens available for hair as well.

Which one of these reasons do you think is affecting your hair growth the most? Let me know in the comment section below.

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