Here is how to Transform your Hair Care Game

Ultimate Moisture Challenge

Hiya! how are you doing? I have really great news for you. Are you one of those people who have not been giving your hair the nourishment it needs? Maybe your hair is long, full and healthy. Maybe you consider yourself a "Lazy Naturalista" or you have just gotten confused about how to care for your hair because of so much conflicting information out there

Are you one of those people who have been battling dry hair for ages? Maybe you have listened to many people talking about how you can daily moisturize and seal your hair, but you have not seen how that works in practical terms.

After a decade of helping women achieving their hair and scalp goals, I’ve created the Ultimate Moisture Challenge that is for you if...

  • You are dealing with dry hair and scalp
  • Your hair breaks a lot
  • You have not been able to properly nail your moisturising and sealing routine
  • You moisturise regularly your hair but it dries fast
  • You have not been able to retain length
  • You want to build a habit of regularly caring for your hair
  • You need communal support in hair care
  • The Ultimate Moisture Challenge is a FREE 15-Day challenge to help your hair get the maximum hydration it needs.

Once you sign up for the challenge, you get

  • Daily Task Prompts
  • Ultimate Moisture Journal
  • Products and Tools checklist
  • Live Q and A Sessions with a Certified Trichologist
  • Access to an accountability Group

Registration starts  on July 26, 2021, so click here to sign up before the doors close. 

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