3 Signs Your Hair Is In Need Of A Deep Conditioning Treatment

As a member of the natural hair gang, there is no telling the number of times you have people say you need to deep condition your hair for so and so number of hours or the type of deep conditioning treatment you need to do, including DIYs and so on. We are not in any way against any of that, however, how do you know your hair is in need of a deep conditioning treatment? What are the signs that your hair gives to let you know it’s in need of some TLC? That’s what this article is about. Sit tight.

What are Deep Conditioners?

Deep conditioners are like the regular conditioners but are thicker and contain other ingredients that are able to penetrate the hair shaft. Their job is to repair damaged hair and/or nourish in between the hair cuticles. The instructions for deep conditioners usually require that you leave them on for longer periods than the regular conditioners. However,

When used with heat such as a steam cap, the product is able to penetrate the hair shaft easier and better. Deep conditioners have ingredients that fight dryness, frizz, and damaged hair strands. 

Your shampoo washes your natural hair to remove excess oils, build-up, grease and cleans the hair shaft, but it doesn’t open up your hair cuticles. Water and some oils are able to enter your natural hair strands, but they are not usually enough to keep your hair healthy and shiny. 

Why Should You Deep Condition?

Regular conditioners work on the outside of your hair shaft to soften your natural hair, smoothen the cuticles, reduce frizz, and all things leading to breakage. When you rinse off the conditioner, most of the agents are washed away, leaving behind only a few agents that keep the hair soft.

You can read more about deep conditioning your hair in our article Deep conditioning your natural hair. Does it really matter? To learn what all the fuss is truly about. 

So, what are the three ways to know if you need to deep condition your natural hair? 

Our hair may not have a mouth, but it is able to tell us just what it needs and how it feels. It can tell you when it’s had enough of that weave you’ve been carrying for 6 weeks 👀 or when you need to get a proper wash. However, one of the most important things your natural hair needs is a deep conditioning treatment at intervals. These signs will let you know just when you need to get one.

  1. Your Natural Hair is damaged
    When we say “damaged” here, we mean that your hair is prone to severe breakage, you have split ends, and all things associated. You definitely won’t call natural hair that breaks easily healthy natural hair. Imagine seeing your hair breaking off all over the place, leaving a trail for you to follow. That is one sure sign that your hair is in need of the TLC that deep conditioning comes with. Breakage occurs as a result of dry and brittle hair strands and split ends (Please refer to our article on deep conditioning your hair here and our article on split ends here). Deep conditioning infuses moisture into your hair shaft, keeping it from being dry and brittle, thereby reducing breakage.

  2. Your Natural Hair has lost its Elasticity
    Even if you are not interested in really long, waist-length hair, it’s a good thing to know that you are cutting it of your own volition, not that it is breaking. Healthy hair is elastic, meaning that when you stretch it and let go, it should return back to its original state. When your hair is dry and in a healthy state, it should be able to stretch to about 40% or 50%, when wet it should stretch to about 20% without breaking or shedding. It stretches and bounces back to its original state. If your hair breaks or sheds when you stretch it, that means your hair has low elasticity which isn’t good. This is a cry for help from your hair and deep conditioning treatment is needed at this point. 

  3. Your Natural Hair looks dull
    You know all those natural hair queens you see on Instagram with their full, lustrous, and bouncy hair? Yeah, you are remembering them right now. That’s a sign of healthy hair. When your hair looks dull, it is a cry for help from your hair that it is due for a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning penetrates your hair shaft, smoothens your cuticles, and restores its natural shine. 

It is possible your hair might need a protein treatment one time and moisture treatment at another. However, to avoid going through the trouble of trying to decipher what it needs each time, try the African Naturalistas Deep Conditioning Mayonnaise that has a balance of both protein treatment and moisturizing properties. You can also get the African Naturalistas Breakage Be Gone set and treat your hair to the TLC it deserves.

A natural hair queen is one who can truly hear what her hair is saying and do the right thing. So, if your hair is saying any of the above, you need to do a balanced deep conditioning treatment using a deep conditioner that has both protein treatment and moisturizing properties. 

Have you noticed any of these signs in your hair? What have you done about it? Tell us in the comments 👇

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