Who will save the Naturalistas' Husbands

I am very fortunate to be married to a guy who loves natural hair. Unlike many other ladies, the fact that I had long natural hair was a major selling point in our relationship. It was one of the things he bragged about concerning me to his friends when he was telling them about the fact that he had met who he wanted to marry. He himself had full long'ish' natural hair during our courtship, which found a way to get themselves locked before the actual wedding.

Inasmuch as my husband likes hair, and can hold his own down when it comes to hair, he has never had to deal with dwelling with females as regards to hair, cos he is from an all-boys family. 

It is safe to say that every comment a husband like mine makes is from the angle of the supporting husband's club. Lately, he has been passing snide comments that have me rolling my eyes at him. And I can't help but think "Don't you know there's always a STORY behind every GLORY?" And to think that I'm not even high maintenance when it comes to hair care. I wonder what he would have done if he were married to a natural styling youtube guru

1. See the acne on my face, it is as a result of you rubbing your hair on my cheeks last night.

2. What's that smelling on your hair. Today, you smell like shea butter, tomorrow, you smell like coconut. Another day, you smell like pap. Everyday, it's a different smell.

3. Babe, what is this? See your hair everywhere.

4. They need to conduct an orientation class for men who intend to get married to naturalistas so we can know what we are getting into. What's all this now. Nobody warned us o.

5. Just the way people celebrate naturalistas all over the world, they need to celebrate their husbands too, cos they go through a lot.

Over to you. What comments have you heard from your husbands, boyfriends, lovers and admirers


  1. My husband likes my natural hair but he said its taking too much of my time and he's jealous, lol.

  2. OMG your husband is hilarious! Lol. I don't have a significant other and haven't since I became natural so I can't relate. Locked? I thought he cut his hair for the wedding. Abi after the wedding.


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