What your go-to natural hairstyle say about you

Hello Naturalistas,

How are you all doing today? I hope you had a fabulous February?
What is your default go-to natural hair style? Today, we would be looking at what that go-to hairstyle says about you.

Disclaimer: This article is just for fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously before some people will come for my kinks.

Pineapple Bun: You are one lazy naturalista. You would prefer convenience to style, and that is exactly what this hairstyle offers you. You are most likely an employee that is on-the go and doesn't also want to spend time styling your hair every morning but let us be frank, it's the laziness that makes you opt for this style.

Low Bun: You are a conservative person who also doesn't have alot of time to style hair but yours is not out of laziness because you take your time to lay all your edges. You also like to be safe and won't easily try new things, you love your comfort zone.

Twists: You are an extremely patient person who is very hardworking and has little or no time to style your hair everyday. You can also be very uptight and too serious and won't agree to be adventurous with your hair. Yes! You are an entrepreneur.

Low Cut: You are daring and a risk taker. You are also an attention seeker, I mean why else will you shave all your hair? But really who are we kidding? It could just be the good old laziness.

Stylish Up-do: You are classy and high maintenance. You also have plenty money and most likely a celebrity, how else will you explain stylish up-dos that only hairstylist make as your go-to style?

Wash and go: Haha! Who are we kidding? Who's go-to hairstyle is a wash and go? in this part of the world? Let's just move on.

Afro: Fierce! Va va voom! Your are carefree and definitely love making a statement with your hair. You are not a play-it-safe kinda person you are more look-at-me-I-am-in-the-bulding kinda person. This is assuming your Afro is a real one and not the struggle-nigerian-texture afro.

What is your go-to natural hairstyle? Does any of this describe you? 


  1. What is a struggle- nigerian- texture afro? Nigerians kill me with their self hate. So whoever wrote this misleading article believes Nigerians are not worthy of wearing their fros because their it is not a real one. Was that supposed to be funny or what? Mtchewww!
    By the way I wear my fro most of the time and it is fire. It's so good that I have turned to a hair consultant as people keeping asking how I manage it.

    Let me go and even make a statement with my struggle afro! Nonsense!

    1. Hello That uptown girl. I put a disclaimer before I wrote anything and it says "it shouldn't be taken too seriously" so, please don't take it too seriously o. Once in a while it doesn't have to be all serious!

      Thanks for your comment.

    2. My go to hairstyle was a wash and go for 3 years. So I was a bit confused, I never thought it was particularly difficult.

    3. It's not difficult but for most people it just doesn't come out right like you see in pictures.

  2. Lol. This is quite hilarious. Like you said, it's just for fun. I would be a lazy naturalista since mine is a pineapple fro most of the time but sometimes twists. So it's good to say i'm a lazy naturalista and an hardworking one at the same time. lol

  3. So I'm a lazy naturalista but also a celebrity ������

  4. True twists are easier for me. And with the nature of my job. I have found twists to be my most staple style.

    I am not uptight (lol) just don't have power to be attempting styles in the mornings. Weekends I let my hair all out.

  5. Twists are easier and more convenient especially for me. It's my favourite style. And I like the way my hair looks in twists.

  6. Hahahaha!Nice one! My go to these days is actually a wash and go. It is very low maintenance if you get the hang of it.


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