7 Natural Hair Styles That Are Perfect For The Red Carpet

Hello everyone!

During the course of the week, I got my hair styled by Kemi 'bae' Lewis again. As always, I got to be a model for a demo during her 3 - Day Natural Hair Intensive Workshop. On the first day, my hair was styled for the red carpet and it just occurred to me that we haven't really been focusing on natural hair inspiration for the red carpet because trust me, with the influx of celebrates wearing their natural hair these days, natural hair stylists have upped  their game. 

So, if you have an event that requires you to get all glammed up, here's some inspiration for you. But first, Kemi Lewis' demo.

See how glamorous it looks? Now, onto some more inspo!

A photo posted by 'esther Tom (@game_of_fros) on

If you're worried about the length of your hair to achieve these styles, just remember there's nothing extensions cannot do.

Which is your favourite?

Love, curls and coils.

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  1. I really like the second to the last one, because it is most unique.


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