Is Natural Hair care really more expensive?

Hello Naturalistas, How are you all doing? Kinks and all?

I recently saw on twitter a guy saying that Natural hair care is cheaper and someone replied insinuating that it's infact not cheaper but more expensive. 

The question now, Is Natural hair care more expensive? 

If I am being totally honest, when I had my hair relaxed, it was way cheaper for me but one thing I realised after asking a few people this question is that we are all different and our difference will affect our response to this question. 

One person I asked in a heartbeat said keeping her natural hair is cheaper because she knows how to make some styles herself and it will still look good as against having to buy weave all the time. Another person was of the opinion that if we add weaves and natural hair salons into the mix then natural hair is not cheaper. 

At the end of the day, the answer cannot be straight forward. There are different factors involved. 

Products, I think natural hair products are more expensive considering the amount of things you need to buy but then you don't buy products every month. 

Hair styling; This I would say natural hair is cheaper, except when you add extensions to the mix.

Salons: This one too is another tricky one. Read The Big question: Natural Hair Salon

Time: I would say Natural hair is more expensive.

I would want to add stress and events but then you also know the answer to that. I understand that this is not everyone's reality like I stated initially, our experiences differ, but for some of us this is the reality.

While by the look of things natural hair care is looking more expensive then relaxed hair, and whether it is more expensive or cheaper to maintain our natural hair, we do it for the love and for healthier hair regardless of the cost. 

Let's talk. From your experience is maintaining your natural hair more expensive or cheaper?


  1. In all sincerity, it is expensive. Although I make my hair myself sometimes, I could get tired along the line. Although I have only been to a natural hair salon once and I didn't pay for anything (it was a free hair treatment), but I know what the price is like to visit a natural hair salon. I'd rather save the money for something As for products, you hardly see any natural hair product below 2000naira, yet you can use it for a long time which to me is economical.
    It's cheaper to style my hair. Since I went natural, I have learnt a lot about styling which ordinarily I didn't do when relaxed.

  2. well to me.... I think it's more expensive ....its time consuming... requires extra care and Nt everything goes unlike the relaxed hair.... u Hv to understand it and manage it carefully... I think natural hair is more expensive to manage

  3. Natural hair care is more expensive to me. Our products are expensive and our salons are expensive. Even in a normal salon once they find out that your hair is natural, they would want to fleece you. It's also time consuming because I know that I now spend more time detangling than when my hair was relaxed.

  4. I spend much less money because I do all my own hair. The only products I buy are black soap, drugstore shampoo&conditioner, deep conditioner and oil (each product lasts several weeks). That's easily under $30 a month for me, whereas I used to pay $80~ to have my hair braided. Let's not talk of the hours spent in the chair, the days of pain afterward, and the loss of my edges.

  5. Natural hair is absolutely no expensive to maintain at all. I'm going to do a video addressing this subject. @Angelicwarrior37

  6. To me, in totality, natural hair is not more expensive. But I agree caring for it can take more time.


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