Irish Potato juice on Natural Hair

Hey darlings,
Hope you are all doing great?
So I was talking to a naturalista sometime last week about how avocado diy hair mask was great for hair. Then she replied with ‘Have you tried irish potato’; and i’m like you mean boiled or fried lol...

She then said, ‘Irish potato does the same treatment avocado does to hair’. I was speechless.
According to her, you blend raw fresh irish potatoes, squeeze out the juice and use it (the juice) to deep condition hair. You could add honey or coconut milk too.

Results after treatment is a well moisturized hair, thicker hair, shine and faster hair growth when done consistently. This treatment should be done every week for visible outcomes.

In no time I was on Google to get more information, here is a video I later saw online on how to deep condition with irish potato juice along with avocado.

Please watch and let me know your take on it.

Yay or Nay?

Would you ever give this a try? As for me, I’m not too sure. But whenever I do, I will definitely share on the blog.

Till then


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