5 Natural Hair Tutorials For 4C Hair

Hello, everyone!

Last week, I gave tips on managing our natural hair in this new economy. It's only right that I follow up with some resources. 

Today. I'm sharing five natural hair tutorials for the most popular hair type - 4C. For some of these styles, you will need some kinky extensions to give your hair some balance and volume. This also helps with longevity.

So, go over them and choose the one that you can easily work with and save yourself some cash!

  • Top Knot Bun

  • Wash and Go

  • Sleek Low Bun

  • Goddess Halo Braids With Bun Updo

  • Finger coils

Which is your favorite(s)?

Love,curls and coils.


  1. They are all beautiful styles one can harp on anytume

  2. Wash and go's are a big no no for me except I want to rule over tangle city, but I do like the goddess halo braids with bun updo. I think it's elegant.


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