Tips on How to care for your Hair during Harmattan

Hi Naturals

I feel harmattan already. Do you?

We are all aware that harmattan period is usually associated with dryness and cold. Here are few tips on how you can care for your hair;

1. MOISTURISE REGULARLY: Water is your friend. Spray your hair daily with it, apply a leavein and seal with hair butter or oil (thick oils like castor) in order to keep the moisture in for as long as possible. If you use to moisturise only in the morning, you should be thinking about starting a night routine too. Moisture is important during the harmattan period as our hair gets dry easily. You could opt for a daily mist or just mix water, oil and leave-in conditioner in a bottle and spray on the go.

2. DEEP CONDITION HAIR OFTEN: With less moisture, your hair breaks terribly. No one wants that. With the dry weather draining out moisture from our hair, it's advisable to replenish it as often as possible. A moisturising deep masque or conditioner is applicable here.

3. STICK TO PROTECTIVE STYLING: You can put your hair in any protective style of your choice as far as your ends are tucked in. It could be braids, twists, wigs, updos e.t.c. As for me, I would be wigging all through till I get bored. lol

4. AVOID GELS: You definitely should not try using gels. It's a no no. The results are not going to be nice at all. Instead, use moisturising products and do not have strong hold on your hair.

5. DO THE GREENHOUSE METHOD: Spritz your hair with water and oil, wear a plastic or shower cap and leave overnight or for a couple of hours before bed. The heat generated keeps the hair soft and moisturized all day.

That's it. I hope you find this helpful. Please leave your comments below with any more tips you think would be great for haircare during harmattan

Enjoy the rest of the week



  1. Great tips dear though i am not really feeling the harmattan.

  2. Thanks! I can already feel the effects of the harmattan on my hair.

  3. Kai, harmattan is coming. Time to start being careful, lol.


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